I'm Karlee Fain


I’m an author, speaker, and coach to super-star clients and driven women, all from my quiet small-town home.  I'm fueled by being outside, real talk, proven methods and women who want to prosper while staying true to themselves. 

And chocolate, plenty of chocolate.

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Some of the places you'll see my clients and I:

While my friends played house, I was running barefoot in the woods or propping up TV dinner trays on the shag carpet in my grandmother's living room, to play business.


So I set out to "do the most" - achieve out the wazoo - and run my own company. 


Imagine my disappointment when I entered the career world and saw how much business owners sacrificed to be “successful” - namely their health and relationships because they didn’t have time to get to it all.


But what if I didn’t want to sacrifice what gave me life, to work?  What if I wanted plenty of time to run through the woods, be with my friends and family and still prosper? (No starving artists here!)

When I couldn’t find someone who could model what a thriving career AND thriving personal life looked like at the same time, I got to work using my business as a guinea pig to test my knowing - there is a way to be one whole being with a career that gives us life and the other way around.

Wheew - thank goodness it worked out. 

Now I teach other career-driven women how to have the Big 3: A thriving career, meaningful relationships, and healthy bodies with plenty of energy to go the distance without feeling pulled in 10 directions.

Shavawn Boyer, RN and Coach

Karlee shares the most powerful information in such simple terms that you just get it!  She has a gift for weaving in story and keep things really engaging.  I have 'aha' moments every single time we speak that help both as a professional and as a person!

“Women know that burning your body and spirit into the ground for your career is just so 90’s.  In our new economy, professionals reach peak performance, and sustain in for the long haul, through nourishment, not punishment.”


- Karlee Fain

Meredith Brisson, LICSW

Business Owner, Equestrian Sports Psychology Coach, Full-Time Mom

I seek to emulate Karlee's teaching style.  There is a radiance about her that makes you go one step up in your energy when you are around her. Forget 15 years of therapy - I just needed to talk with Karlee!!! When we work together I feel held, and validated. I use the framework for success and the relationship builder she teaches all the time, and now my days are so much lighter!

Are you as naturally curious (some might say nosy) as I am? Let me help you with that….

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