The Boundary Academy Satisfaction Guarantee
We want to guarantee your 100% satisfaction and will work to ensure that you’re happy with your course experience. Nobody has ever asked to leave The Boundary Academy early or get a refund. That said, we understand if you decide that the program is not the right fit after all. Please read our Refund & Cancellation Policy below so you know what your options are.
How it works:
If you decide within the first 7 days of starting The Boundary Academy course that the program is not a fit for you, simply email [email protected] and show us that you completed the first module (45mins long) and that it didn't work for you, and you cancel within those 7 days.  That's it, no questions asked.
All banks differ but expect to receive your refund within 10 business days.  No refunds are given before the course starts.
Please note that there are NO refunds given for anyone after 7 days in the program.  Canceling your access does NOT stop or refund the monthly installments (for those that select the monthly installment option).

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