You've felt the desire...

to make a transition in your career, relationships, or health.  But where do you start?
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Show me how to navigate this change!

Maybe you picked this change, maybe it picked you...

but how do you navigate the uncharted territory of your calling without slipping back into old patterns or turning the good things in your life upside down?

Which of these do you relate to?

  • As you leave school, or your first job, what steps will bring you a career and life that is both meaningful and rich with pleasure?
  • Are you transitioning out of relationship and embarking on developing a whole new you? 

  • Are you moving from a career you've outgrown, or been forced to grow out of, or choosing the career you've always wanted and wondering how you're going to manage this? and wondering what might be next? 

  • Or have you been overworking, overthinking and are burned out and are ready to enter a new year of better self care, but you're not even sure what that looks like for you?

  • Are you considering what healthy aging looks like in the latter decades, what does it mean for transitions around home, partnership and your purpose?

Get ready for a program that offers clarity, focus, and the tools to unlock your deepest passion and most authentic self:

Maria Sirois and Karlee Fain blend soul with science, integrating techniques and practices based on research from positive psychology and life coaching to bring practical navigation tools to the new areas of your career, health, relationships and your purpose. Using mindfulness and honest conversation, rediscover the wisdom you already carry within you and return home with a road map for the next phase of your life. 

This FREE 4-Part video series is for you as you embark on your transition in life, career or health.

BONUS: each video has a comments section, allowing you to interact personally with Maria and Karlee.  Ask questions, tell your story of transition, and be part of a supportive conversation and community of folks daring to pause and create an intentional life that serves them deeply moving forward.

Lesson 1: It's time for a change, but where do I start?

You've felt the winds of change upon you, and by choice, or not, you find yourself needing to step into something new.  But where do you begin? 

In this video, we explain the unexpected concept that allows us to navigate change from a more stable and authentic place - so that the decisions you make next are rooted in what you most value.  (6mins)

Lesson 2: Other People's Opinions. 

Does everyone think they know best for you?

During times of change, OPOs (other people's opinions), can be rampant.

In this segment, we discuss how to consider your options, and rise above the sea of opinions out there, into your own best wisdom and ideal decisions moving forward.  (10mins)

Lesson 3: Is this selfish?

No sooner do we have an idea, than some of the following thoughts might appear: Who am I to want something different?  Who do I think I am, to have this desire?  Is following my heart going to make me selfish and leave those I care about behind?

In this lesson, we explain a core tenant that all those who are able to navigate change with grace understand. (7mins)

Lesson 4: Understanding the Cost of Change

It's easy to consider the cost of change with questions like: What might happen if I try something different?  What if I try and fail?  What if things don't work out, then what?

But those that elevate gracefully, know how to ask an even better question.  In this video we prompt you to consider the meaningful question that can catalyze your best thinking and clarity about the opportunities that lie ahead for you. (6mins)

Meet your leaders in the field of transition:

Maria Sirois, PsyD, psychologist and seminar leader, is an international expert in the fields of resilience and flourishing. Known for her wisdom, authenticity, and humor, she brings invigorating practices and perspectives to corporate and nonprofit audiences alike. Maria is the author of A Short Course in Happiness After Loss (And Other Dark, Difficult Times) and Every Day Counts. A master teacher, she has been called an orator of great power and beauty. With Tal Ben-Shahar, she coleads a year-long certificate program in Positive Psychology for executives, educators, entrepreneurs, counselors, and the general public.
Karlee Fain is a celebrity health and life coach, author, and speaker.  She has spent years helping the high profile leaders in the music industry, film and professional sports reach and sustain peak performance.  A practitioner of Kripalu Yoga for 27 years, and a Kripalu Yoga teacher for 11, Karlee helps her high-achieving clients break through their health, lifestyle, and career challenges using mindfulness, compassion, and a heart-based approach. Her specialty is asking the questions that allow her clients to discover how they can create a thriving life and career built around their unique goals.

You'll find Maria, Karlee and their clients here:

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This video series leads up to the live 3-day Navigating a Graceful Transition Workshop Retreat at Kripalu Center in Lenox, MA June 28-July 1, 2020.  If the topic of transition speaks to you, and you'd like to have 2 professionals guiding the way, click here now to request Karlee personally email you when the doors to enrollment open for the live event with Maria and Karlee.  But anyone can access this video series for free - please share it with those you care about.

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