The Boundary Academy Presents: The Gateway to Authentic Living You've Been Seeking w/ Karlee + Maria

The dynamic duo, Karlee and Maria, teamed up to share the practical tools that will bolster your boundaries and create the authentic living and reciprocal relationships you crave. You can now access the replay for two weeks, especially if:

You're the go-to person for many people. 

You genuinely enjoy being there for others. And you may be caught in beliefs that keep you trapped in ever-on-the-go-for-others mode. 


You sense the amount of output you do isn't sustainable, and lately, you can see the toll that doing "all the things" can take on your relationships, health, and career. 

So how do you reclaim your time, energy, and joy without disappointing others, burning bridges, or messing up what is already good? 

How might you become brave in the service of what really matters to you - whether it be how to spend a Saturday afternoon or where to live your life?

Join inspirational speaker, consultant, and psychologist Maria Sirois and celebrity coach and founder of The Boundary Academy Karlee Fain to engage in a proven process that bolsters your care and capacity to serve without self-sacrifice and step oh-so-much closer to the life that is your authentic life.

Through this discussion, you'll begin to discover:

  • What practical, healthy boundaries really are and how to use them as keys to unlocking energy, delight, and the next best direction for you
  • How to call forth allies and how to let go of energy-draining folk (it's okay - we all have them lurking around)
  • A tool to use when you're concerned if you're being selfish or asking for too much
  • A method for discerning the difference between generosity and over-extending 

This 1h session will spark powerful insights that energize and clarify your goals, values, and purpose.

Attending this will feel like the best decision you've made in a long time, we promise.

NOTE: This isn't a sales webinar.  It's a rich and complete experience with no fluff, ever. The live event happened on Sept 7th of 2023, this is your chance to access the replay while it's still available.


Register to get access to the replay, and you'll instantly receive an email with access to the recording and any bonuses we shared live. Your access will last for two weeks from the time you register - watch it as many times as you'd like.

Have a friend who'd benefit from this conversation?  Invite them to register too, this is a special way to gather with those you care about.

Want to share this with a group of 10+ people? Great! Email [email protected], and we'll make special arrangements for you.

What People Are Saying:

Boundaries = Better Pay. - I was offered a position with a new job, I used my boundaries in the offering and it worked out! Thank you ladies for giving me the strength to know my worth. I hope that we continue as a sisterhood, our bond has been such a remarkable experience!

Sabrina Hopson; Case Management Specialist/Creative Design Owner

Your Journey Gets Better - What I would have given if someone showed me this work [many] years ago. Don't think of this as a course with a beginning, a middle, and an end. Think of it as the beginning of a journey that gives you the awareness that you need to practice what you need. And you're not too young, and you're not too old.

Michaela O'Conner Abrams, Former CEO of Dwell Magazine, Founder of MOCA+

$25.00 USD

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