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I understand that I am responsible for my own well-being and the decisions I make.  Enrolling in this, or any coaching program is not a substitute for my own common sense or professional medical attention.

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The Boundary Academy

Ready to Write Your Own Rules? 

Ready to Rewrite Your Future?

Are You Ready to Craft a New Story?  

Ready to Become A Role Model for ALL of The Women You Know? 

Get the confidence and clarity to live into your best career, health, and relationships without feeling like you have to do it all anymore.

Live a life based on your values that includes your own needs and well-being. And do it within a courageous community of other women, here to welcome you with open arms.

Just some of what you'll get:

  • The 4-Week Boundary Jumpstart Course with Celebrity Coach Karlee Fain 
  • Full access to 6 months in The Boundary Academy for ongoing support, Boundary Thought Leader sessions, and more.
  • The Boundary Guide Book to reference any time you need a boundary boost
  • A life-long community that’ll help you keep your boundaries in check
  • The physical and emotional benefits of a better, fuller life that’s based on your values

This is your invitation to say “enough”. A sweeter, fuller life is possible, one that isn’t built around your sacrifice. Don’t wait to harvest the fruit of better boundaries because your future self is here, and she’s enthusiastically waving you over. 

She’s confident, clear-minded, rested, and resourced. She says yes to the things she wants and no to the things she doesn’t, all without a shred of guilt or obligation.  

So, are you ready to meet her?


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What People Are Saying:

I'm not drowning anymore. My Boundary Academy experience has been wonderful. Not only did I learn that it is ok to have a boundary, but it is also okay to bend a little while still being able to draw that line in the sand as needed.

Sabrina Hopson, Designer

'Boundaries' is such a large word. To be able to scale that down and see that they don't have to be intimidating, they can be a part of who you are. I didn't see this coming, and it's so rich and so wonderful to be able to carry on into the rest of this year and my life.

Anitza Martins, Sales

You will level up - your boundaries, your life, your impact, all of it - but not in a way that feels like pressure to “do” anything. You’ll learn small, doable steps that make setting boundaries feel easy and effortless, and you’ll make profound connections with other women doing this work. I can’t recommend this course highly enough.

Dana Lemay, Entreprenuer

You sign up for these online webinars or courses, but The Boundary Academy is different. Here you are getting to show up with real people and interact, and learn that boundaries don't have to be big scary walls. They can bridges that connect you to the people and things you most cherish.

Ellen Boyd, Executive