Boundaries are only hard when we try to set them alone.

The Live Brunch has happened, but you can access the recording below.

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On this nourishing call, you'll learn:


The 5 Symptoms of Being Ready to Upgrade Your Boundaries

It's not just about having a packed schedule or knowing how to say "no".


3 Mindsets That Women Who Set Healthy Boundaries Already Know

Learn what is already working for other women, and what isn't.  You don't have to figure boundaries out solo - you have enough on your plate already.


Meet Thought Leaders In the Field of Boundaries

We'll have special guest appearances with active members from the Council of Boundary Makers.

Without Boundaries Your Life Is Not Your Own.

But this doesn't mean you need to armor up and create hard and high walls around yourself either.

When we treat our boundaries like a bridge between yourself and what you most value, everything else falls into place. 

Some of the common Qs women ask that I'll address during our Boundary Brunch:

  • I feel like I'm always at a loss for words, how do I know what to say on the spot when someone cross my boundaries without flying off the handle and regretting it?
  • What if I do speak up and people think I'm being a b*tch?  Or feel like "I've changed" and we can't relate to each other anymore?
  • What if I do set a boundary then someone pushes back on it?  How do I get people to respect the boundaries I have?.


A Note From Your Host Karlee...

Boundaries aren't inherently hard..

...they're hard to set when you're trying to do it alone.

We taken 15 years of coaching driven women and distilled into what you need to know to make boundaries both doable and down-right enjoyable. This gathering will be like good dark chocolate, bite-sized, rich, and nourishing.  No fluff, just boundary strategies that get result and sisterhood at it's best.

(Karlee is a Celebrity Coach, author and speaker - learn more about her here.)


I'm so happy to be in this conversation with you.

The live brunch has already happened, but for a little while you can get instant access to the recording.