Woman, everyone relies on you...

at work and at home.  You know you are capable of more, but when is that supposed to happen when your days are already so full, right?!

Oh my gosh, I relate!

You are a driven woman, with a career to be proud of, but you still feel like there is never enough...

  • Never enough energy for a hint of romance...
  • Never enough time to take care of yourself beyond a quick manicure and a smoothie...
  • Never enough brain space to think beyond an occasional professional development conference...
  • Never enough money no matter what's in your bank account.

First, if you’re stuck in “never enough”, some of the following might be familiar…

  • I stay up late at night, as it's the only time I find "me time" after a full day of leading my life and career, and it's messing with my sleep.
  • I find myself snapping at people, even though no one's forcing me to do all that I do.
  • I have recurring headaches or other perplexing symptoms that I used to "get by" with, and now nothing seems to work.
  • I have plenty of good work to do, but somehow I feel secretly resentful about it.
  • When a moment to rest rolls around, I am simultaneously tired, but wired, and my mind races so I end up scrolling around on my phone, or watch TV until I conk out.
  • I have goals and dreams, but in my own head I wonder if I have what it takes to go all the way.

The good news: this is pretty simple to fix.




Reclaiming Time

The mini-masterclass that elevates driven women from "never enough" to TIME ABUNDANCE, with Karlee Fain; Celebrity Health & Life Coach, Author, Speaker.

This mini-master class is entirely free.  No strings, spam, or fluff ever. It's pure time-giving content you won't find anywhere else.

"Karlee, you’ve healed my soul. I have always been a hard worker, and even though I still work full-time, I have the most space I've ever had to breathe in my adult life - I will never be the same. "

Kimberly Gardner
Director of Public Relations

I promise this isn’t your fault.

I bet everyone counts on you, at work & at home. You are the "together" one in your circle. But secretly, you don't feel that together. (Which makes you feel super anxious & doubtful!)

You know you could be doing more, or better in some key areas, but you just don't know how to squeeze that into your already full day of responsibilities.

What if instead...

- Having space to breathe, and the energy to do the things that you most look forward to, was your new normal?

- You felt clear, focused, and knew exactly what your next steps are at home and in your career, without having to read another book or listen to another podcast?

- You knew how to rise above the wild waters of everyone else opinions and requests so that you don’t need to over extend yourself?

- You had doable systems in place that let you live unabashedly into what brings you joy, meaning, and prosperity?

- You could light up a room just by walking into it - making you the go-to leader that other people want to be around, not because you fix their messes, but because you embody a wisdom and truth the world is hungry for?

"I’m so happy I chose to work with Karlee. Since starting I've been able to hire more help, seen my client base and revenue more than double, and now I have the time and energy to spend with my growing baby girl. If you take your business and your sanity seriously, you should hire Karlee."

Jayme Flemming Wampler
Salon & Spa Owner, Full-Time Parent

"Before Karlee, I secretly suffered for years while everyone thought I was happy. I never had any time to rest or figure out my bigger purpose. I was overweight, had chronic headaches, and always exhausted. Now I have landed my dream job and have more free time than ever. I have more energy, no headaches and have lost 50lbs without dieting! I am authentically joyful, energized and able to help others without burning out. Thank you!"

Shavawn Boyer
Registered Nurse & Life Coach

Oh, and a little about me

I'm Karlee Fain.  When folks ask me how I began coaching Grammy Award winning artists, pro-athletes and high-profile entrepreneurs, the answer was simple: I am the most nourished person in the room. 

In a world where everyone else is hustling for their worth, the fastest way to stand out, and reach peak performance you can sustain, is to reclaim the time in your days so you can breathe, take care of yourself, and hear your own best thoughts.  I hope you'll let me show you how.

- Karlee Fain, Celebrity Health & Life Coach, Author, Speaker

I'm Ready To Reclaim My Time

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