I'm Ready For More Time + Joy

"Busy” is your middle name.

Yet, there's still this lingering feeling you can’t shake that it’s never enough. How can you possibly be so busy while simultaneously feeling guilty that you’re not doing more?

If this sounds like you, then it’s time to talk about BOUNDARIES.

Raise your hand if you’ve found yourself doing or feeling any of the following lately:

  • SNAPPING at your loved ones or co-workers. And you feel terrible about it because you really are a kind person.
  • Feeling "TIRED & WIRED"- even when you get to rest, your brain goes a million miles a minute. So, you numb out with screens or food or shopping or chores.
  • RESENTMENT - you’ve started to dread the people and the activities you actually care about.
  • PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS OF STRESS - like chronic headaches, migraines, and muscle aches. Popping an aspirin just doesn't cut it anymore.
  • YOU’RE INVENTING WHITE LIES to get out of things. But you're an honest person so it feels inauthentic and just plain wrong.
  • YOU’RE SECRETLY BEHIND - even though everyone praises you for what a great job you're doing.

Sound familiar?

YOU’RE  NOT ALONE. In fact, a staggering majority of women feel the same way. This tells us one thing… 

It's time for us to reclaim our lives, work, health, and relationships.


The Boundary Academy.

The place women come to dig deep, nurture their passions, and replace pushing with purpose.


The Boundary Academy.

The place women come to dig deep, nurture their passions, and replace pushing with purpose.

Are you ready to reclaim your time, energy, and joy?

The Boundary Academy is a 6 Month group coaching program that guarantees you more ease (in the first week!), helping you to upgrade your boundaries and reclaim your quality of life.

We start with a one-month jumpstart - it acts like an elevator to help you form sturdy boundary-building roots you will rise from. Then you’ll learn how to leverage your unique values to ascend from a state of perpetual “busyness” and start living life on nourished terms. Over the following 5 months, you’ll solidify that new learning, leading you blissfully and gracefully into your best living.


Remember “you”? That person you were before all of the responsibilities took control of your life? In the Boundary Academy, we use proven methods to help you unplug from the noise around you, get clear about what you really want, and tune in to your unique values and goals.

Here’s what we’ll do together:

  • Cure your “Chronic Guilt Syndrome so you can stop feeling bad about asking for help, saying no, not being able to do that thing... all of it.
  • Show you how to be present where you are so you're not thinking about work stuff when you're at home, or home life when you're at work.
  • Help you negotiate terms that work for you from compensation to relationships to scheduling, as well as professional and knowledgeable support when navigating medical issues.
  • Guide you in setting boundaries with folks BEFORE they cross them to avoid those awkward conversations with your boss, your family, your friends, and your nosy neighbors.
  • Map out doable steps that make sense in your life to give you more space to breathe immediately and forever more.

It’s time to nurture yourself like never before. Because when your cup is full, then you have the energy, the resources, and the time to comfortably and genuinely tend to others.

I'm ready for more time + joy

How It Works:


Strengthen Your Boundary Roots:

You’ll learn how to apply research-backed methods to create a sturdy foundation so that setting boundaries becomes a natural part of your relationships, from personal to professional.


Become Sturdy + Clear

Gain deep clarity of your values and learn how to make decisions that support them. We’ll build a flexible framework so you know what to do, even when emotions run high.


Know What To Say

Engage Karlee's extraordinary 4-step system for creating your own boundary scripts to meet the moment you're in. This is the game-changer. You'll know what to say, when to say it, and how to stop over-explaining or crowd-sourcing your decisions.


Get Fully Resourced

Map a custom path forward that bolsters what you learn here so your boundaries "stick". You'll see yourself continue to bloom beautifully until having more time, energy, joy and clarity become your new normal.


Step-by-step Boundary Guidebook

Time-saving guides, scripts, and templates designed for you to download and apply between sessions to boost your boundary game.


Six Months of Live + Ongoing Support

You'll have 24/7 access to a private online boundary community (not on social media!). Plus, live bi-monthly calls with Karlee, the Council of Boundary Makers, and Boundary Thought Leaders so you can get timely professional support to answer your specific boundary Qs.



Boundaries = Better Pay

I was offered a position with a new job, I used my boundaries in the offering and it worked out! Thank you ladies for giving me the strength to know my worth. I hope that we continue as a sisterhood, our bond has been such a remarkable experience!
Sabrina Hopson; Case Management Specialist/Creative Design Owner


Your Journey Gets Better

"What I would have given if someone showed me this work [many] years ago. Don't think of this as a course with a beginning, a middle, and an end. Think of it as the beginning of a journey that gives you the awareness that you need to practice what you need. And you're not too young, and you're not too old."

Michaela O'Conner Abrams, Former CEO of Dwell Magazine, Founder of MOCA+




Ahhh, boundaries. If reading a book or listening to a podcast was enough to make them stick, we'd all be boundary pros by now. Making boundaries doable requires one essential element: being surrounded and supported by wise and diverse women who understand the language of boundaries.

The Boundary Academy is advised by The Council of Boundary Makers, women from around the globe of different heritage, generations, and experiences. Here, you'll get to ask questions and put the techniques you learn into practice during group coaching sessions. 

Knowing that others are having similar struggles and hearing the creative ways they are showing up for themselves is both comforting and inspiring. Their boundary wins become your boundary lessons. And it all takes place in a compassionate space where everyone is working on their own boundary journey.


Be Willing

We don’t have a cultural habit around boundaries that don’t involve pain, anger, divorce, cutting you off, or never speaking to you again. To be inside The Boundary Academy is a rare opportunity, mainly because you are standing in vulnerability and a willingness to see where honoring our knowing as women will take us."
Suzi Banks Baum; Book Artist, Author, Mother


Be Pleasantly Surprised

"Boundaries is such a large word. To be able to scale that down and see that they don't have to be intimidating, they can be a part of who you are, is a pleasant surprise I didn't see this coming, and it's so rich and so wonderful to be able to carry this on into the rest of this year and my life."

Anitza Martins; Client Advisor, Project Manager


Founder of the Boundary Academy

Some would describe me as an Auntie, friend, author, and celebrity coach. But really, I'm so much more than that. So are you.

Society may put us in boxes, but that doesn't mean we have to stay there. Women are breaking free from who we think we should be and starting to live the fulfilling lives we're made for - being part of this movement with you is my greatest honor.

Join me on a journey of self-compassion, inclusive sisterhood, and unapologetic confidence.

Hard To Say No?

The Boundary Academy transformed how I think about what is important to me. It helped me prioritize myself and my needs, and to manage the stress that comes along with owning a business. It has helped me to stop doing a job that I wanted to change in my business and redirect my energy toward something that I have dreamed of and love! The sense of community and shared struggles of the other members helped me to grow and to have the courage to say 'no' to what I don't want to do anymore. If you're having trouble saying 'no', standing up for yourself, or shifting gears, I think this course would benefit you greatly!" 
Sarah Merenda; Business Owner, Mother


I Got My Dream Job!

"Before Karlee, I secretly suffered for years while everyone thought I was happy and accomplished. I never had time to rest or figure out my bigger purpose. I was overweight, and had chronic headaches and fatigue.  Now I have created my dream job, and have more free time than ever! I have more energy, no headaches and lost bur without dieting.  I am authentically joyful, energized and able to help others without burning out.  Thank you Karlee!"

Shavawn Boyer; Nurse, Alopecia Coach




You know things could be better. But no matter how hard you work, you're always behind where you (or society) think you should be. When you finally get a moment to rest, your mind won't stop. So, how will The Boundary Academy change things for you? 

First, we'll help you spot distractions that suck away your time and energy and show you how to reclaim your best living. Once you've gotten to know and love who you are on the inside, we'll teach you how to nurture and protect that person as you go through your daily life.

Knowing how, when, and where to create boundaries will give you:

  • More free time to enjoy the things and the people you care about
  • More energy to actively participate in the joys of life
  • More clarity about what’s important to you
  • The decision-making skills that honor and align with your values
  • More money by helping you negotiate a higher salary or raise your rates. By addressing root issues, boundaries also help you stop buying things you don't want or need.
  • Access to a diverse community that bolsters your courage
  • WAY less guilt

Get First Dibs to Join Us!

The doors to The Boundary Academy are currently closed for new members (while our current members get all sorts of tools and support!) Doors will open for new members in the fall of 2024.  Put your name on the wait list below so don't miss the chance to join the new class. It'll be the best thing you do all year, promise.

We'll gaurd your info like a 🐻 momma bear does her cubs: no spam or pushy sales stuff, ever.

What you get: The short version

Six Months of Live Calls and  Engaged Community Support:

  • The Boundary Academy 4-week Course will jump-start your skills and get you profound results on the spot. It consists of 4 self-paced modules led by boundary pro’s from our Council of Boundary Makers. These ultra-rich, no-fluff lessons are available anytime you’re ready to start- even right now! 
  • Instant access to our Archive of Boundary Strategy sessions that cover a wide and wise range of topics. There are 16 sessions (and counting!) ready and waiting for you. 
  • Two LIVE group coaching calls each month over the next 6 months addressing an abundance of boundary-related topics to shore up your unique boundary foundation.
  • Access to the Boundary Makers Community for instant, unwavering support and encouragement that makes setting boundaries totally doable!

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Your satisfaction is guaranteed! If you decide that the program is not the right fit, we'll refund your full investment during the first week of the course. Click here to read our refund policy.