Season 11 - Ep 129 Need a Minute? How pause allows us to find the opportunities in change with Jack Mason-Goodall

May 09, 2022


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Who are you in relationship to change?

Do your hands start sweating? Does your blood pressure start to rise? Does panic set in?

When change enters the conversation, we experience a physical reaction. Whether you’re the leader or the parent, we’ve all been conditioned to feel the pressure of coming up with an answer or making the right decision “ now”. 

What if you could tame that feeling of urgency and recapture a little bit of control in that moment? 

Tapping into the roots of your immediate emotional response allows you time…time to make decisions that actually solidify your integrity.

In this episode, Karlee welcomes Jack Mason- Goodall back to the show. In 2020, he founded Autism Optimism International, an organization that supports and trains families, professionals, and employers of neurodiverse people around the world. He strives to facilitate relationships based on understanding, acceptance, and compassion for autistic people to lead their best lives.

You’ll hear why taking time to pause is the key to better, more aligned decision-making. Jack shares tools from his experience that will help you let go of the idea that change always needs to be comfortable. He poses a simple question to ask yourself when you’re faced with a big decision, and how you can accept the discomfort of change in order to make decisions that feel authentic and in alignment with who you are, and the kind of leader you want to be.

If you’re ready to take a minute to be certain that your decisions are in sync with your values, then this episode is for you. 

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Giving yourself the space to pause when change seems urgent (4:52)
  • The opportunity change offers us to strengthen our integrity (15:26)
  • How embracing differences supports change (21:31)
  • One question to ask yourself when you encounter change (26:57)
  • Letting go of the pressure to be comfortable (39:42)

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