Episode 82: Losing Yourself in Busyness? Sustainability stories that’ll inspire you to reconnect with your most valuable asset

Jun 01, 2021

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She’s busy all the time. She’s juggling way too much but somehow still seems to get everything done, even if she’s looking a little disheveled at the end of the day. She’s got all the rest of us wondering…. how??

Know anyone like that? Or does “she” sound a lot like you? 

We’ve all been through times of hustle and sacrifice. For high-achieving women, it's just part of our nature to give our professional pursuits every ounce of energy we can muster. 

But sometimes, we get so used to the hustle that it becomes a way of life. 

And that leads to burnout. 

Trying to sustain the constant “doing” eventually catches up with us. 

We know what we’re doing isn’t sustainable. But we haven’t built the support networks that’ll help pull us out of the cycle.  

We didn’t really know we were supposed to.

Building an intimate network of strong women is such a fundamental part of sustainable success. Whether our allies are helping us up the ladder or telling us we need to take a break, the support of other women is the secret weapon of success in a world that’s been historically off limits to us. 

In this culmination episode, Karlee brings together the most powerful lessons we’ve learned this month about sustaining ourselves as high-achieving women. She revisits why open networking is the career advice that women haven’t been getting, and she shares how you can magnify your access to these important support resources. 

When you make a conscious choice to surround yourself with the right people,  opening your circle to people from different industries, ages groups, gender identities, orientations, walks of life, world experience, and professional expertise, you’re building a diverse network of strong women who you’ll be able to count on when you need it most. You’ll also have the even richer experience of lending your support to a woman who needs it. 

Sustainability is born when we take off the solo hero cape and take hold of the hands that surround us. 

When we learn alongside community, it takes the pressure off of ourselves. You’ve worked hard, but you shouldn’t work harder than you need to. It’s time to arm yourself with the support of allies.

If you’re ready to start paying yourself the same level of respect that you give others and create a path to lasting sustainability, then this episode is for you! 

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • What women are missing out on along their professional paths (7:57)
  • 3 questions to ask yourself to determine if it’s time to upgrade your resources (12:03)
  • The support system you might be missing out on (15:44)
  • Why the issues you’re experiencing could be symptoms of isolation (17:56)
  • 4 signs it’s time to build your professional allies (20:11)
  • How to create more support for other working women (26:38)
  • Remembering to put yourself first (36:02) 

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People Mentioned in this Episode:

Sandrine Crescini

Susan Colontuono

Sheila Halvorson

Ron Burt

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Article: Halvorson, Sheila. “13 Factors To Ensure Sustainable Business Growth.” Forbes Magazine, 8, June 2020

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Contribute: The National Domestic Workers Alliance Coronavirus Care Fund

Class: ENROLL NOW: The June 2021 Boundary Academy

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