Episode 43: Are You Sabotaging Your Career By Over-Working? 6 Ways to Get Better Results In Less Time

Aug 31, 2020

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You're working hard, putting in your time and energy and resources, day in and day out. Why aren't you experiencing the same results you'd like to be getting then?

There's a myth in our society that good work is the same as hard work, but the truth is that this isn't always the case. At some point, the "I will do all the things" mentality that once helped spur some growth will become the same thing that roadblocks you from getting to the next level. Eventually, your metaphorical blade will dull, and you'll need to take some time to sharpen it again.

In this episode, Karlee breaks down The Law of Diminishing Returns, demonstrating how spending all your energy and resources is not always the best strategy to keep moving forward; instead, you may be accidentally sabotaging your best work. She also provides simple and doable strategies for "sharpening your blade" to be clear, focused, and operating at your best in small moments throughout your day.

Tune in to learn how you can strategically get more work done in less time, without spending all your energy in one place. 

In This Episode You'll Learn:

● What is The Law of Diminishing Returns? (6:28)

● How to prevent accidentally sabotaging your best results by overworking and over thinking . (12:49)

● What Karlee’s personal Daily Thrive Practice looks like. (14:18)

● The 6 Pillars of Working Hours. (16:01)

● How to incorporate the different types of working hours into your weekly routine to hone your focus and joy. (25:24)

Resources Mentioned In This Episode: 

Episode 36: Reopening Gently: A Simple Practice to Process What Just Happened and Move Forward with Wisdom and Grace

The Reclaiming Time Studio: Karlee's Private Group for Women That Run Their Own Business Who Are Done With Burnout

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