Season 12 - Ep 134: Untangling from Busy | Weaving a more graceful version of success with Meredith Brisson

Jan 08, 2023

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Do you feel overwhelmed? Frustrated? Rested enough? Success takes work. A lot of it. And you’re probably feeling the side effects of it in your body right now. But ask yourself this…are you successful by your own definition, or sometimes, does it feel like someone else’s?

With so many converging definitions, how do you make sure you’re staying true to your own inherent values? Or should we back up…Do you know what those values are? This week, Karlee taps into the wisdom and experience of mindset coach Meredith Brisson. Through her work, Meredith helps equestrians hone in on their values, helping them learn how to work with their emotions rather than fight against them. By learning how to find their definition of success, they can embrace their true nature both on and off the track. 

In this episode, you’ll learn what the highly intuitive nature of working with horses teaches us about finding balance and connecting with our actual values. You’ll start to identify whose values you’re really living by, and whether or not those values are leading you toward your goals- or potentially on a wild goose chase to a destination not of your choosing. Finally, you’ll learn how to successfully use your hard-won grit to find more balance, more time for rest, and offer yourself more grace. 

If you’re ready to untangle your definition of success and get more deeply in tune with values that are truly your own, then this episode is for you. 

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Why the definition of success is personal (3:30)
  • How to weave a little more grace into your grit (6:25)
  • Creating a path to your goals using your values as a map (9:03)
  • Why carving out time for nourishment takes grit (12:37)
  • Making rest possible, even when it feels hard (16:57)

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People Mentioned in this Episode:

Maria Sirois

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