Episode 48: Rising Together: Hear Revolutionary Career-Driven Women Share Their Wits & Wisdom Inside Our Podcast Pajama Party

Oct 05, 2020

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In less than a year, the Messy & Magnificent podcast has reached 10,000 listeners all over the world, it's time for celebration! While it sure feels like magic, there is method that Karlee employes to get these kinds of results. Hint: it's not about working super hard or being some type of genius.

So to mark this milestone, and share what's working, Karlee sent out an invitation to everyone who listens to the podcast around the world to join her (and previous podcast guests!) for a cozy hour to gather. Within just a few minutes, the women who joined in began sharing immensely powerful experiences, opening up to offer some insights they’ve gained over the last six months, share their successes and the challenges they’re still up against.

In your PJs or not, this episode will give you a cozy sense of what happens when professional women gather to nourish themselves and each other. And you'll learn what specific practices Karlee attributes to the success of this podcast and her coaching practice.

Some Questions Karlee Asks At the Party: 

  • If you had a warning label, what would it say? (13:09)
  • What’s something from the podcast that’s stuck with you? (14:56)
  • What does it physically feel like in your body when something’s right? (21:48)
  • What are you letting go of that’s not working for you? (37:40)
  • What’s one thing you know to be true? (55:56)

In This Episode You Will Learn: 

  • The myths that restrict the professional growth of driven women. (3:10)
  • How life can shift when you start taking time for yourself. (15:26)
  • How upgrading your language to say “and” rather than “but” can be a game-changer. (18:15)
  • How to tap into your "Holy Knowing". (22:58)
  • How your epigenetics may influence how you interact with the world around you. (28:00)
  • Karlee’s Culmination Practice: How we dare to pause and gleam the best wisdom about what just happened. (32:25)
  • Why it’s not necessary to “stay busy.” (41:20)
  • The greatest gift that this podcast has given Karlee. (52:52)

People Mentioned: 

Dr. Maria Sirois

Ginni Saraswati

Lakshmi Voelker

Shavawn Boyer

Suzi Banks Baum

Dr. Valerie Rein

Resources Mentioned: 

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