Episode 56: 6 Unspoken Rules Women Are Breaking: How we have a career that gives us life, not takes it

Nov 30, 2020

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If you’ve been a human on this planet in the year 2020, your life probably looks a lot different than it did at this time last year. The pandemic has left its mark on everything. Your work situation probably looks a little different than it used to, relationships feel different, the entire education system has been rocked, and our social lives have become less tactile and more virtual. 

Every one of these changes eats up a little bit more of our time as we try to mold our old routines around the present circumstances. And as we watch that time disappear into the ether, we start to feel an abundance of something else: scarcity.

When we feel like we don’t have enough time, that awareness of scarcity can easily ripple into other aspects of our lives. It trickles into our perception of confidence, the quality of our relationships, and even the state of our finances. But, if we can unburden ourselves from the unnecessary with intention as our guide, we can lighten that entire load and come up stronger. 

This is the moment to step back and really evaluate how your time is being spent.

In this episode, Karlee gives us a glimpse inside the rules her and her clients stop following to break out of hustle culture to help you reclaim more of your time.  She’ll show you how to foster deeper, more authentic connections by making yourself less available. Through bending deep-rooted good student behavior and breaking from internal doctrines that no longer serve you, you’ll discover a path towards release that will leave you feeling lighter, more grounded, and more focused than ever.

Today, we’re evaluating the rules we live by to determine which ones you should be breaking. Stop being the A+ student and start breaking the rules. 

If you’re ready to find out which rules you’re living by that deserve to be broken, then this episode is for you. 

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • The effect of arbitrary rules versus intentional rules. (3:30)
  • Why good student habits might be holding you back. (10:24)
  • Questions you can ask yourself to get unstuck. (13:58)
  • Six most rules that Karlee and her company break often (16:32)
  • Why connection isn’t about quantity. (17:32)
  • The curative power of Culmination Week. (20:47)
  • Why you need a vacation runway. (21:56)
  • How holding space for magic leaves room for possibilities. (24:34)
  • Why listening is more powerful than talking. (27:14)
  • What that knot in your stomach is trying to tell you. (30:37)
  • Why you should accentuate what sets you apart. (31:44)

People Mentioned In This Episode: 

Dr. Maria Sirois

Tara Mohr

Dr. Carol Dweck

Rachel Simmons

Resources Mentioned In This Episode: 

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