Episode 123: When Tradition Lays a Trap | How to gracefully unburden yourself

Mar 14, 2022

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There’s no shortage of obligations. Things we don’t really want to do but we trudge through anyway. Spending our days in patterns that drain rather than inspire is common.

But, what if….

What if you took a moment to pause this time and asked yourself a simple question:

Why am I doing this thing I'm doing?

The rituals and routines we participate in can be hard to break, but when traditions lay traps for our time and emotional health then it’s time to get intentional again.

The feelings we experience when we're part of expectations that we don’t want to be a part of anymore end up bringing us more anxiety than joy. And those feelings of anxiety are trying to tell you that something just isn’t working for you anymore. 

This week, Karlee welcomes the wise words of Suzi Banks Baum. Last fall, Suzi brought up a subject that many of us think about but seldom act upon. If we’re going to continue to tell ourselves we “have to do this” and we “gotta do that”, then the least we can do is ask ourselves why

Because it’s all about the why. 

In this episode, you’ll learn how to identify the weight of expectation when tradition lays a trap. You’ll hear Suzi explain the correlation between feelings of “I don’t want to be doing this anymore” and the knowing you have in your body, particularly when it comes to deciding if something still makes sense in your life. She also shares how you can gracefully and respectfully untangle yourself from situations when a change needs to happen.

If you’re ready to clear your path to find more joy and a whole lot more ease, then this episode is for you.

Save the Date: Monday, March 21st: International Bring Your Body to Work Day  #bodytowork

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • What agreement and disagreement feel like in your body (1:03)
  • Why holidays and traditions can become burdens not blessings (11:14)
  • What it feels like to know when something makes sense or doesn't anymore (14:41)
  • How to get out of the contracts that no longer serve you (23:38)
  • A clever mantra to help you determine the right and wrong time to have tricky conversations (25:28)

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Episode 106: Trust Your Knowing: How Women Rise From Doubt to Leading Themselves Forward with Suzi Banks Baum 

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