Season 12 - Ep 135: Pockets of Power | How to be a able to say “yes” to joy in your way-too-busy life with Faith Clarke

Jan 15, 2023

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Your best friend from the neighborhood sends you a text mid-day, asking if you’d like to join them for a walk. 

The sun is shining, your legs are stiff from sitting at the computer all morning, but…

Too much work to do”. Sad face emoji.  

Seated at your desk, you push through your body’s desire to go. That tug of war feels frustrating. 

You want to, but work. You want to, but the kids. You want to, but you’ve already committed to something else you don’t really want to do. 

It feels like, a little too often, you’re pushing away invitations to joy and peace in your life. 

You decide to sit with this for a moment. And you wonder…what doorways might open up if you said “yes” to more of the things you really wanted to be doing?

What price are you paying for not moving forward?

Our work culture, our unpaid labor culture, and the roles we perform as mothers, spouses, friends, neighbors, and volunteers are all rooted in patterns of exploitation and exhaustion. 

But what if you could find a way to take back a little more control? What if you could stop automatically defaulting to “no”, even in the face of a busy day? What if you could take just one step away from the paradigm that convinced you that the only “choice” you had was to say “no” to joy more often than you say “yes”? 

This week, Karlee shares space with Faith Clarke, an Organizational Health & Inclusion Specialist. Through her work, she provides important cultural and historical context to how we navigate the “rules” of society, shedding a necessary light to explain how this conditioning affects us. 

In this episode, we unpack the reasons why you might be working so hard and resting so little. You’ll start looking at your time and commitments in a different way, finding more opportunity pockets for rest. You’ll also hear how Faith constructs an “imaginary world” where rules can be broken, using space as an exercise to creatively find more respite.

If you’re ready to, in the words of Faith,

“Grab the thing that’s in front of you and say Okay, I can be in control of this! 

…then this episode is for you. 

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How the constructs built around our bodies affect our ability to rest (2:37)
  • Playing with the rules in order to figure out how to break them, safely (8:21)
  • What it might look like to find “pockets” of respite in your life (13:24)
  • How to invite others into your privilege (14:19)
  • Reversing the narrative of the zero-sum game (18:17)

People Mentioned in this Episode:

Dr. Jovana Washington

A Dr. Washington Program

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