Season 13: Ep 149 -Seeing Red Flags? | How to trust your gut now and avoid the drama later

Apr 28, 2024

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What could you do today to be 3% more true to yourself?

Would you start your morning with a walk through your neighborhood, rather than heading straight to your inbox? 

Would you put your phone on silent to have fewer interruptions so you could work more efficiently? 

Would you listen to the hints your gut is giving you and not do the thing you’re on the fence about?

Boundaries are a collection of micro-decisions that we make about what to add in and what to subtract from our life. 

This week, Karlee shares more wisdom from Better Boundaries, Finally with Dr. Maria Sirois. If you’re seeing red flags in the rearview mirror, creating the boundaries your gut is hinting at now will help you avoid the drama before it appears in the first place. 

In this episode, you’ll learn how to recognize when signs of red flags are on the horizon, and how your body attempts to hint at when boundaries might be needed. You’ll discover a set of actionable daily prompts that will help you identify where you’re not being as authentic as you could be, and how you can begin to lean into your true self, 3% at a time. 

If you’re ready to make your life 3% easier and embrace your authentic self a little more each day, then this episode is for you.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Downplaying red flags and navigating the fallout (0:59)
  • The simple reason why certain situations start to feel difficult (2:52)
  • One question to ask yourself right now (4:08)
  • Small, practical steps for living more authentically (6:42)
  • One example of where a boundary is needed (8:59)

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Course Info: Better Boundaries, Finally

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Dr. Maria Sirois

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