Episode 13: Making Money Moves: Upgrading Your Finances & Personal Power

Feb 03, 2020

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In the span of human history, some women have gained access to the right to manage their own money mere seconds ago....

With so many opinions out there about what you "should" being doing with your money - it can feel overwhelming to make any upgrades at all. So when Karlee found a simple way to take charge of her finances, and her clients got great results with it too, she couldn't wait to make sure all women have access to her low-tech method.

Because here's the interesting thing: feeling financially unsure isn't just about how much is available in your bank account. And when we feel unsure in one area, like finances, that sense of being out of control call deflate our confidence in other areas too.

In this episode, Karlee takes the initiative to nip some money tension in the bud. She explains the cyclical nature of money and how to maximize your relationship with money in a way that is doable based on where you are. From this episode, you’ll come out with simple, tailored steps that’ll have you feeling more empowered, clear, and confident about your financial game.

Expect to walk away feeling capable of making upgrades with your money that upgrade your health and relationships too.

Tune in to learn how leveling up your money game can level up your own sense of power, worth, and clarity. 

In This Episode You'll Learn:

●  How to start removing the self-sabotaging beliefs that make money feel challenging. (9:29)

● One doable practice to start improving your relationship with money. (12:08)

● About the four cyclical seasons of money, and which season you are in. (16:55)

● How tracking your expenses and income can be super simple and impactful for your money game. (22:46)

● What a bold money goal looks like for you. (26:11)

Resources Mentioned In This Episode: 

Money Is My Friend by Phil Laut 

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