Episode 14: How Other People Talk To You: Discover the one person that actually elevates you

Feb 10, 2020

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You have a new goal in mind, or some good news to share - but who are the people that will "get it" will have your back as you grow into something new?

Ever noticed that there are some people who really celebrate with you? They can’t wait to be by your side, supporting you, and giving you space to gush your heart out. But then, in contrast, there are others that just never seem to get excited about the things you care about.

There was a basic assumption that the foundational purpose behind relationships is to be supportive of one another during hardship. While this is really important, it’s not the telltale sign of what makes the strongest relationships. Turns out, celebrating positive experiences with one another is what creates deeper, more meaningful relationships AND it's exactly what allows us to keep on rising.

In this episode, Karlee breaks down why celebrations are so crucial to developing deeper, stronger relationships, and practically, what those types of relationships look like. Specifically, Karlee describes the 4 types of responses people give after you share exciting news or a new goal you have, and which one will actually be helpful in the end.

Expect to walk away from this episode being crystal clear about who to turn to when you want to grow into something new or better, and who you might not want to bring your best ideas or successful moments to,

Tune in to learn how to spot the types of relationships in your life that will help you rise together. 

In This Episode You'll Learn:

● How celebrating wins helps us connect deeper with others. (7:09)

● The 4 responses people can have to our goals or good news. (9:15)

● What one type of response to our news actually strengthens bonds between two people and elevates us. (15:34)

● How to get extra momentum and leverage the good things happening in your life/career to create more "wins". (20:00)

Resources Mentioned In This Episode: 

“He said, she said: A quasi-signal detection analysis of daily interactions between close relationship partners” by Gable, Reis, & Downey

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