Episode 17: Being Self-Full: How to get what you need without being selfish

Mar 02, 2020

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So you just want to snap at someone lately, huh? And you feel terrible about that, because you're a kind person. All these little irritants are building up, and it feels like something’s got to give.

Or maybe you're:

- Finding yourself both tired and wired at the end of the day, you want to rest but your mind is still racing.

- You have perplexing health symptoms that you used to pop an aspirin for, but that's not cutting it anymore.

- You are praised for how much you get done, but you know you are capable of more, but have too much on your plate to get it all.

- You know you want something to change, but you don't even know what you really want or who you are these days.

There are sure-fire signs that it’s time to get self-full, and this is the episode for you.

As driven women around the world, we’re done burning our bodies, minds, and spirits into the ground in order to take care of what everybody else wants. It’s time to start prioritizing ourselves, but how do we do that when we also need/want to help others too?

Here’s the thing: nourishing yourself deeply is the way to be of the most service to yourself and others in the long run, and Karlee is going to show you how to do both well without wanting to snap.

In this episode, Karlee Fain drops some wisdom on finding the appropriate balance between caring for ourselves and others. Throughout this episode, she explains in-depth about what it means to be self-full and what symptoms to watch out for that indicate it’s time for some self-care. She breaks down the mindsets that successful women know and live by, and how you can make all this stick in your own life.

Tune in to take your first step toward being a self-full, nourished, happy human again.

In This Episode You'll Learn:

● Why being selfless is pointless, and what it means to be “self-full” (7:13)

● What symptoms point to being ready to be self-full. (12:11)

● Why joy is a professional priority for women who thrive at work. (16:23)

● Why high-achieving women resist the need to slow down and nourish themselves, and what to do about it. (22:34)

● Why it’s okay to potentially disappoint other people. (23:58)

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