Episode 20: The Antidote to Overwhelm: How To Stay Steady Within Yourself In Moments of Uncertainty

Mar 23, 2020

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In the face of sudden changes, there are things that ARE working to keep us steady within ourselves when things feel uncertain around us.

This is the time the planet comes together, ironically through staying home. And in this moment when we lay low to protect our most vulnerable, we are likely to brush up against our own vulnerabilities too. With that in mind, Karlee's team has met daily, to answer this question:

"In the face of this before us, how can we be of the most service to our clients and podcast community?". The answers to that question has led to a VERY special episode.

In this episode, Karlee Fain shares the antidote to fear and overwhelm. (Hint it’s not to "do all the things" or have all the answers. It's about knowing where to focus your attention so that you feel steady even when you don't have all the answers yet.)

She explains how reclaiming some of your simple rituals and routines can keep you feeling grounded, even when everything else seems up in the air. But then she takes it one step further: Karlee has created a guided visualization to lead you back home within yourself so that you can hear the volume of your truth over the noise in the world around you.

Tune in to learn how to incorporate rituals and routines even when life gets shaken up. Expect to regain some of your balance amidst uncertainty on the spot.

In This Episode You'll Learn:

● How focus functions as the antidote to fear. (6:40)

 Why we feel off-balance amidst rapid change. (12:39)

 How to find rituals that ground you and create stability in your life. (14:15)

 How you can be in charge of many parts of the way your day unfolds. (16:53)

 The tool to help you feel steady within yourself: a self-sourced truth visualization. (20:54)

Resources Mentioned In This Episode: 

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