Episode 21: Creating the Career & Life You Want: Even If Others Disagree Or Don’t Get It

Mar 30, 2020

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So, you have great people in your life, but what do you do when they just don’t understand why you’re striving for something different? Not everyone is satisfied with living out the status quo but finding a support system that really gets it is challenging.

In this episode, Karlee talks with Ginni Saraswati: multi-award-winning broadcast journalist, podcast produce, and podcast host. Ginni gets it; even as a known expert in the podcasting realm, not everybody understands what she’s doing with her life and career.

Throughout this episode, Karlee and Ginni break down how to cultivate a tribe that supports your dreams and goals and always has your back. Ginni also shares about how she grew from being a nearly silent child to founding a media company, why time is her most valued asset and how she protects that asset at all costs.

Tune in to for a dose of inspiration as you learn about Ginni’s journey from messy to a magnificent life. 

Some Questions Karlee Ask's Ginni:

● At one point you were scared to speak at all, Can you think of a moment when you began to speak up as a child? (8:37)

 How did you start to learn when to put up boundaries in certain areas of your life? (13:20)

 Where does your sense of courage come from? (22:10)

 How did you build your tribe? (26:21)

 What’s one mistake that you’ve made that you’re thankful for now? (39:15)

In This Episode You Will Learn:

● How Ginni went from being a shy child to creating a media business. (5:52)

 How Ginni built her self-awareness around how to cultivate space for herself that prioritizes her wellbeing. (13:47)

 How people’s relationship to their time correlates with their relationship to money and other people’s time. (17:39)

 What Ginni’s support system looks like and why it’s so important to her. (22:53)

 How our bodies hold us accountable to taking time to rest. (33:38)

 How to listen to what people don’t say. (41:32)

Resources Mentioned In This Episode: 

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