Episode 22: Patriarchy Stress Disorder: Removing invisible barriers to your joy and fulfillment with Dr. Valerie Rein

Apr 06, 2020

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So, your life looks great on paper, but intrusive thoughts seem to show up throughout your day on a regular basis. This is a red flag: your inner critic might be the one running your life. 

Women around the world experience this every day. Across race, religion, culture, and socioeconomic status, women collectively run into this common barrier – it’s called Patriarchy Stress Disorder (PSD) .

In this episode, Karlee talks with Dr. Valerie Rein, who discovered PSD and created the science-backed system to helping women achieve their ultimate success, happiness, and fulfillment. Her work has led to the creation of groundbreaking programs, helping thousands of women find freedom and reclaim their authentic selves.

If you ever find your own mental critic to be especially harsh, or that your body’s having perplexing health symptoms right before things are about to get good, it’s not because you’re doing something wrong. These are signs of PSD – and this episode is for you.

Throughout their conversation, Karlee and Dr. Valerie break down what exactly Patriarchy Stress Disorder is, how to identify the symptoms, and start reversing the effects. Expect to walk away from this episode with an entirely new understanding about what’s going on in your mind and body, as well as a path forward that allows you to live into what your heart really desires.

Tune in to discover the antidote to the condition affecting women worldwide and the pathway to living limitlessly. 

Some Questions Karlee Asks Dr Valerie:

● What is Patriarchy Stress Disorder? (10:00)

● How can women identify the ways PSD affect them? (24:42)

● What practical exercise and tools can women use to begin healing from PSD? (32:47)

● Did you have any "prison guards" show up as you wrote your book? (41:32)

In This Episode You Will Learn:

● How inherited trauma inhibits women’s success behind the scenes. (10:21)

● How the symptoms of PSD show up in women’s lives. (16:10)

● How women’s realities are created from the wound of worthlessness under the patriarchy. (28:54)

● What first steps to take to begin the process of healing PSD. (33:45)

● Why PSD is particularly being triggered worldwide right now in the face of C-19, and what we can do about it. (48:17)

Resources Mentioned In This Episode: 

Patriarchy Stress Disorder by Dr. Valerie Rein

Dr. Valerie’s Website

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