Episode 24: Hearing The Answers Within You: How Lakshmi Voelker Re-invented Her Business And Our World

Apr 20, 2020


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So there you are, sitting at your dining room table, wanting to have the perfect business or life plan before you take the next step.

Heads up: You don’t need to have it all figured out to just get started.

In this episode, Karlee chats with Lakshmi Voelker: master yoga teacher and business owner for well over 40 years now. She has dedicated her life to empowering other people. Back in 1982, Lakshmi invented chair yoga – a modality now practiced worldwide within government facilities, medical institutions, refugee camps, and veteran centers. This all started with a single one of Lakshmi’s clients – and she’s going to share that story with you in this episode.

For anyone looking to get something started but perfectionism keeps getting the best of you, permission granted to get started, wherever you and your business might be at. Lakshmi is the perfect reminder that there is power and magic that happens when we take our ideas to the streets and connect with others about it. Remember: no matter how you start out in the beginning, it’s never too late to reinvent yourself and your business.

Throughout our conversation, Lakshmi illustrates how she discovered chair yoga to help a specific client, why she decided to reinvent herself in her 70s, and how she’s intentionally growing and improving herself and her business every day.

If you find yourself just wondering what reinvention or shift could look like for you, this episode will act as the dose of inspiration we all need right now.

Some Questions Karlee Asks Lakshmi:

● How did you come up with the idea of chair yoga? (8:34)

● What happened when you shared this new form of yoga with your students for the first time? (17:41)

● What challenges came up when you were just staring a new business? (26:06)

● Do you experience synchronicities that help you business often? (31:52)

● What have you learned that you wish you’d known 30 years ago? (36:15)

● How are you continuing to grow today? (40:20)

● Where do you go for a dose of inspiration? (49:30)

In This Episode You Will Learn:

● How Lakshmi practiced listening to her self-sourced voice. (16:19)

● How chair yoga was received when Lakshmi took it to the streets. (27:17)

● What inspired Lakshmi to reinvent herself at 70 years old and start an online coaching practice. (29:56)

● The shadow side of being a leader from a young age. (34:20)

● How Lakshmi softens her edges and focuses on kindness. (37:55)

● How Lakshmi works through imposter syndrome. (43:57)

Resources Mentioned In This Episode: 

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The Reclaiming Time Studio: Where Driven Women Go From Never Enough to Having Time and Energy Abundance

Magic Wand Mentoring with Lakshmi Voelker

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