Episode 28: Never Enough? How driven women finally have lasting fulfillment

May 18, 2020

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You work plenty hard, so why does it never feel like enough? How come each time you sit down on the sofa, your mind races and you feel behind on at least 10 projects you keep meaning to get to? Hint: this is NOT an issue of time management or doing more.

If you are a human woman on planet earth, chances are you’ve been surrounded by messages telling you that you aren’t enough since childhood. "Not enough" is smog that you unconsciously breathe in each day; it influences your mind, body, and interactions with the world around you.

On this episode, Karlee guides you through a simple 3-part process to finally know what “good enough” looks and feels like in your world. You’ll get clear on what you value and have the energy to get to all the things that are most important to you. By the end of the episode, you’ll be on the path to knowing that you are enough and doing enough, without having to work nearly as hard as you currently are.

This isn’t a one-time fix-all solution, it's a reusable framework that will guide you to realign your actions with your values and stay healthy as healthy as possible in the "smog" for a lifetime.

Tune in to get clear on your values, start enjoying the present moment, and finally experience more than enough

In This Episode You'll Learn:

● How Karlee began consciously exploring what it means to feel like you’re “enough.” (0:50)

● The Smog Situation: why women universally constantly feel like they’re never enough. (9:46)

● How your body communicates vital information about what’s true, what’s enough, and what works for you. (13:15)

● 3 Steps to Lasting Fulfillment. (21:37)

● The secret sauce that allows women to thrive in their careers, life, and health. (32:27)

● How you know it’s time to start getting clear on your values. (36:31)

People Mentioned In This Episode: 

Terry Tempest Williams

Glennon Doyle

Kate Northrup

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