Episode 38: Speaking From Our Scars: Authentic Leadership with Guest Host Ginni Saraswati

Jul 27, 2020

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People count on you, you are the stable shoulder for lots of folks on the job and off, so what happens when you are going through radical change? How do you continue to be a leader when your heart is heavy and your mind is somewhere else?

If this is happening in your life, know this: there’s so much wisdom in the challenging experiences that we go through, even when the growing pains from rapid change are quite uncomfortable.

In this episode, Karlee changes it up a bit: she goes behind the microphone and is interviewed by award-winning journalist Ginni Saraswati. Together, they discuss how when things feel like they’re falling apart, the best course of action to take is actually to slow down and allow for space to bring things back together. Ginni asks some of the most insightful, creative, and wildly specific questions about living on a tour bus, how she managed to get any work done after the sudden passing of her former fiancé, and how she begins her day with what she truly values.

Tune in to learn how you can create space for yourself to thrive, heal, and grow without compromising your career, health or relationships. 

Some Questions Ginni Asks Karlee:

● What’s the number one blockage that overachieving women face in terms of getting stuff done? (15:34)

● Do you find that women’s habits of self-sacrificing is a pattern spurred by intergenerational trauma? (18:40)

● How do you get clear on what you value? (21:52)

● What’s your morning routine? (26:01)

● What kept you going while experiencing such deep grief? (34:43)

● What’s lighting you up at the moment? (44:24)

In This Episode You Will Learn:

● The 3 stages of running a business: hustling, sustaining, and handing off. (14:08)

● What is popular isolation & how to remedy it. (15:48)

● How intergenerational trauma affects women today. (18:52)

● Why starting the day with what you value will help energize you and create space for a thriving life. (24:04)

● How Karlee navigated her career, life, and relationships after the sudden death of her former fiancé. (29:49)

● What the life of a live-in coach on a tour bus looks like. (36:39)

People We Mention:

Georgia Wall: The Ceremonialist

Shakti Durga

Dr. Valerie Rein

Good Dog! Service Canines

Resources Mentioned:

The Ginni Show

Empowering Relationships by Shakti Durga

Patriarchy Stress Disorder by Dr. Valerie Rein

Connect with Ginni Saraswati: 

Website: GinniMedia.com

Instagram: @theginnishow

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