Episode 45: The Matrix of Receiving: How Women Elevate From Grind to Spaciousness with Marla Mattenson

Sep 14, 2020

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You’re working as hard as you can, trying to get everything possible done before someone or something else calls for your attention. When you first started your career, it felt essential to answer all those calls, to stretch yourself, and appear superhuman to your coworkers, clients, and boss.

Here’s the truth: Hustling can only get you so far. What worked then may not work for you now. In fact, it may hinder your ability to be productive, connect with others, and ultimately take care of yourself along the way.

In this episode, Karlee interviews Marla Mattenson, who is an internationally recognized expert that works with thought leaders and partners on all topics surrounding love and business. She effectively utilizes her background in neuroscience and mathematics to guide individuals to unlock their passion, financial success, and joy.

Throughout our conversation, you’re going to hear Marla’s take on the five types of intimacy and practical tools to help you succeed in life, love, and at work. She breaks down why “hustle culture” is unsustainable, five steps to learning to receive, and how to create space in your schedule.

Tune in to learn Marla Mattenson’s practical tips to staying focused, and getting focused, grounded, and present.

In This Episode Karlee Asks:

● How does working in neurology and mathematics give you a different perspective on intimacy and relationships? (8:03)

● How do driven women learn to surrender and relax without things falling apart? (12:27)

● What ways are you seeing the collective consciousness present within women right now in your practice? (20:10)

● What does it look like to increase your capacity to receive? (39:51)

● How can you ease the transition between who you were and who you’re growing into, when the people around you don't understand that you are changing? (47:02)

In This Episode You'll Learn:

● Why holding the duality of your heart and mind is essential to intimacy, life, and business. (8:14)

● What it means to truly and powerfully surrender. (12:56)

● Why it’s essential to schedule space and creative time to stay grounded and present. (16:42)

● How hustling is both initially effective AND extremely limiting. (25:29)

● What it means to be open to receiving. (26:39)

● The Five Steps of Receiving. (35:29)

● Marla’s technique for increasing your capacity to receive. (41:09)

Resources Mentioned In This Episode: 

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Connect with Marla Mattenson:

Website: MarlaMattenson.com

Instagram: @theintimacyexperts

People Mentioned In This Episode:

Paul Selig

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