Episode 47: Single Mom Strong: How Our Body Leads Us Into Courageous Activism for Ourselves and Others with Lanna Brown

Sep 28, 2020

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Authenticity is the buzzword on social media in the business world right now. But there is a difference between authenticity and "polished vulnerability" or just plain oversharing.

A few months ago, Karlee noticed Lanna Brown shift the way she shows up on social media, and the immediate outpouring of support and engaged she created - connecting with people in meaningful ways and bolstering her community. She has rucked up the courage to demonstrate what sharing your can look like, and the ways it's been therapeutic to set herself from the confines of "having to say things just right".

In this episode, Karlee interviews Lanna Brown, a personal fitness trainer and coach in the Berkshires. Lanna shares about the personal revelations that have made her "Single Mom Strong" and how taking a chance to speak up gave her power, clarity, and passion to move forward.

Tune in to be inspired by Lanna’s journey and learn how to start including your voice in the global conversation happening online in a way that true and unique for you.

Some Questions Karlee Asks Lanna:

● What made you decide to turn up the volume on your social media posts? (6:07)

● How is physical well-being and activism connected in your world? (12:54

● How can somebody begin to reconnect to their body? (16:30)

● What are you noticing about speaking up more? (20:56)\

● What’s one thing that surprised you about the experience of sharing more of how you think and feel in the world? (24:58)

● Tell us a little bit more about what you’re working on. (35:59)

In This Episode You'll Learn:

●  What it means to be “Single Mom Strong.” (11:16)

●  How Lanna practically prioritizes her physical health in her day to day life. (13:04)

●  Why speaking out is liberating Lanna. (21:05)

●  How sharing our voice leads to more authentic connections. (25:30)

●  Why Lanna chose to start speaking up now. (28:31)

●  How Lanna moved away from living to meet someone else’s expectations. (34:42)

People Mentioned In This Episode: 

Terry Tempest Williams

Suzi Banks Baum

Brené Brown

Connect with Lanna Brown:

Coaching with Lanna



Facebook Fitness Community

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