Episode 74: Inviting Newness In: How We Clear Space for What’s Important

Apr 05, 2021


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Imagine for a moment that you’re standing at your kitchen window, looking out into the garden. 

Your attention is captured by a couple of birds helping themselves to seeds from a feeder hanging nearby. They’re fluttering around one another, taking turns poking their beaks into the convenient bounty of sustenance. 

As you watch from the window, you notice that you’re not thinking about anything. You’re simply being. And it feels good. 

You turn to add a little more hot water to your tea, and out of the corner of your eye, you notice your phone lighting up with text messages and the daily barrage of emails that you were so proud of emptying yesterday. 

Your body tightens. A sense of urgency sinks in as you detach from the scene outside. 

But, there’s a feeling that stays with you.

You think to yourself... How can I make time for more of this?

This month, we're talking about bringing new things into the world. More of the things that allow us pause and bring us joy, clarity, and meaning.

Whether it’s a career revamp, a new hobby, a better relationship with yourself or a fresh one with someone else, a new city or country, or more time for mindless birdwatching, inviting change means making room for it.

Before we can welcome the new, something else has to give.

In this episode, Karlee reveals the mindset that makes being able to live into what’s important both practical and doable. She shares some of the most common physical and emotional cues that can help you determine what’s urgent and what’s important in your life. She’ll also walk you through a revealing exercise that’ll help you start making space for the important things, even when you still have the urgent ones nipping at your heels.

If you’re ready to make space for what’s important and invite something new into your world, then this episode is for you!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Why we confuse urgency and emergency (6:07)
  • What urgent might feel like for you  (13:01)
  • How to determine what actually is  important when you have a lot on your plate (16:29)
  • A practical exercise in making space for what's important (20:36)
  • The one thing that women who live into their goals do everyday (26:01)
  • Why progress happens in the pockets (27:58)

People Mentioned in This Episode:

Dr. Alicia O'Cathain, PhD, Professor of Health Services Research at the University of Sheffield in the UK published a study in 2019   ‘Clinically unnecessary’ use of emergency and urgent care: A realist review of patients' decision making

Erin Skahan, Copywriter at The Rouxx

Resources Mentioned In This Episode: 

Alicia O'Cathain, PhD, Professor of Health Services Research, 1 Janice Connell, BSc, Research Associate, 1 Jaqui Long, PhD, Research Associate, 1 and Joanne Coster, MSc, Research Fellow 1


The Grocery Store Adventure Guide: 7 Uplifting Steps to Navigate the Supermarket for Your Revitalized Life by Karlee Fain

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