Episode 122: Ready to Make Great Decisions? What your body is trying to tell your next move

Mar 07, 2022

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Why is it that we don't listen to our bodies? 

When you have a headache, you take a pill to relieve the pain so you can go about your day. But what if it keeps coming back? 

That’s a message. 

When you experience tension in your neck and shoulders, maybe again, you take a pain reliever and consider booking a massage. But what if it keeps coming back? 

That’s a message. 


All of the folks who thrive in their careers, health, and relationships have some type of interactive relationship with their bodies on a regular basis.


We have bodies, and their innate wisdom is there to support us when we include them in the conversation.


Care for them is essential because, with their feedback, we make better, more thoughtful, and more informed decisions. 


This week, Karlee poses an important question: How do you know what is true, and how does your body help inform that knowledge? In this urgency culture that we inhabit, a culture that worships getting things done quicker, our bodies get lost in the action. These are our means for doing and too often, we take them for granted. Our earthly vehicles can be crucial to our decision-making…if we listen to what they’re trying to tell us.  


As Terry Tempest Williams wrote in When Women Were Birds, "My body is my compass, it does not lie." But...​​​​​​​​


What if nobody told you how to read your compass? Or worse, they convinced you that the signs your body is giving you are wrong, so you stopped trusting your internal guidance system or started discounting it? ​​​​​​​​


In this episode, you’ll learn why we’re not taught to listen to our bodies and some of the potential side effects we experience when we ignore the messages we’re receiving. Karlee shares a few real-life examples of women who did take a beat to slow down and listen, and she reveals the transformative effects that a simple pause offered. Finally, she shares a quick exercise that will help you check in with your body right now, and how to stay tuned in and ready to receive information on a daily basis. 


Be sure to catch a very important thought Karlee shares about the war in Ukraine. If you’re feeling like you want to be helpful, but also feeling a little helpless at the same time, she shares a few practical things you can do from where you are, right now. (6:06) 


If you’re ready to dare to pause and include your body in the conversation, then this episode is for you.


Save the Date: Monday, March 21st: International Bring Your Body to Work Day  #bodytowork


What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

A parable about creating change through ease rather than by force (9:59)

3 reasons why you might not be listening to your body (11:40)

What it feels like when your body is talking to you (16:57)

A quick exercise to check-in with your body (23:09)

How one woman benefitted in big ways by listening to her body (29:02)

An invitation to bring your body to work (32:29)

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