Episode 101: Your Culture Connection: How to communicate your needs and bridge boundaries within your culture with Dr. Senem Erem

Oct 11, 2021

When you hear about a brave woman who has set a boundary, do you sometimes think “Well, she can do that, but that would never fly with my family,” or “Gosh, I’d love to be able to say that but in my culture, it would come off as offensive.”

So, rather than rock the boat, you pack that boundary-thought away in the hopes that someday, you’ll unpack it again after discovering a different way to deliver it. 

Well, that day is today.

Culture plays a huge role in our experience of boundaries - so today we dig a little deeper to understand the origins of your psychology around boundaries.

Because boundaries aren’t about offending anyone, particularly people you care about.

They’re simply a means of communicating your needs to others in a way that draws them in.

In this episode, Karlee welcomes an expert in the realm of positive psychology and wellbeing, Dr. Senem Eren. Dr. Eren has been a researcher and psychologist for the past 17 years, focusing specifically on supporting and empowering women to exceed in their entrepreneurial goals without sacrificing their health, well-being, or happiness.  She’s a co-founder and board member of the Center for Muslim Wellbeing in Australia, and an adjunct professor at Ibn Haldun University in Turkey.

Today, you’ll gain an understanding of when, where, and how the boundaries we create (or don’t create) intersect with our respective cultures. You’ll learn why it’s so important to recognize boundaries within the context of the cultures we’re born into, and the micro-cultures we’re raised within, in order to comprehend how we view boundary-setting, and our comfort levels when it comes to asking for help. 

If you’re ready to recognize that doin’ it all on your own isn’t worth the energy and you’re ready for a better way, then this episode is for you.  

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How the boundaries we’re born into shape who we become (10:55)
  • Why it’s never too late to repair past mistakes (21:01)
  • How individualist versus collectivist cultures shape our boundary styles (24:45)
  • A new way to look at boundaries (32:47)
  • What to expect when you’re setting a challenging boundary (39:41)

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Ibn Haldun University

Boundaries for wellbeing | Dr. Senem Eren | TEDxDocklands

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Meredith Brisson

Geert Hofstede

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