Episode 112: Got Holiday Blues? How we flip the switch from self-judgement to joy.

Dec 27, 2021

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Congratulations! You’ve made it to the end of another year…

How do you feel about it? 

In the grand scheme of what’s passed, the things you’ve learned, and how you’ve grown, where might you point the arrow on your joy-o-meter?

Ok, ok…let’s scale it back a little. 

Let’s be in the now. What’s bringing you joy right now? 

You see, the holidays carry with them a veneer of happiness and celebratory tendencies, but that’s not always how it feels for everyone

Maybe you don’t feel like celebrating. 

Maybe the thought of family time brings you anxiety. 

Maybe you just can’t wait until it’s over and done with. 

Maybe there’s a whirlwind of other stuff going on in your heart right now and it’s got you feeling weighed down. 

These lows, especially during the holidays, can feel exaggerated in comparison to the jingle-bells world taking place outside our windows.

So, how do we tend to that heaviness in order to find respite and tap into what brings us joy?  

In this episode, Karlee and co-host Anitza Martins talk about what it’s like to experience heart-heaviness during times that are supposed to be filled with joy. They discuss how guilt manifests when you’re just not feeling festive, and why it’s so important to get to the root of our emotions rather than stuff them away. Karlee shares a simple trick she uses to mood-shift and quickly access the nourishment she needs when the storm clouds need shaking. 

Remember: We thrive on nourishment, not punishment. 

If you’re ready to get to the root of what’s bringing you down and flip the switch from self-judgment to joy, then this episode is for you. 

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How to show up when you’re heart is feeling heavy (4:13)
  • Different expressions of joy and what it can look like (8:15)
  • Gaining clarity on what’s bringing you down by asking a simple question (9:47)
  • What to expect from the show in 2022 (12:29)

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