Season 11 Trailer - Navigating Change (EP 126)

Apr 18, 2022

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Imagine you’re walking along your favorite path in the park near your house. The sun is shining, you’ve got a really rich episode of Messy & Magnificent playing in your ears. You’re in your zone.  

Until… a fallen branch trips you up while your eyes are focused somewhere else. 

Now, you’ve got a few scrapes on your elbow and a hole in the knee of your favorite pants. 

That’s kinda what it feels like when change besieges us. It can be sudden or it can be something we’ve seen heading toward us for a long time. 

But with so much of it coming at us these days, just like those elbow scrapes, it doesn’t always end up pretty. 

There is a way to navigate change with grace, clarity, and allyship.

In this trailer episode, Karlee introduces the 11th season of Messy and Magnificent: Navigating Change. You’ll learn how to approach change in a way that gives you the time and space you need to navigate it more effectively. You’ll hear how our experience of change relates to community self-care and collaborative ecosystems. You’ll learn how to take time to pause in the face of change and how to love and soothe yourself through it all.

If you’re ready to equip yourself with the tools to navigate change with grace, clarity, and allyship, then this is the season for you. 

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