Episode 40: Emotional Success: How to Leverage Your Unique Values Like the World’s Best Brands do with Farryn Weiner

Aug 10, 2020

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There’s an outdated notion that there are different versions of ourselves: one that goes to work and one that has a personal life. However, in today’s business world, that mindset will hold you back from experiencing fulfillment and authenticity in your work and life.

You were never meant to fit into a box. So far, corporate culture has not been able to contain the expansiveness of a woman fully showing up at work – but now this is changing.

There’s never been a better time to be so fully yourself as a brand and business.

In this episode, Karlee interviews Farryn Weiner, who is an experienced, award-winning brand marketer that, at her core, prioritizes telling the true and unique stories of her clients and their company.

Farryn sheds light on what it means to truly show up authentically at work and how this leads to emotional success and lasting fulfillment. She also shares the wisdom she’s gained as a first-time entrepreneur, how she manages her time and energy, and why emotional intelligence is key to success in business now.

Tune in to learn how you can bring your full authentic self into your business and tap into a rich sense of fulfillment along the way. 

Some Questions Karlee Asks:

● What called you to work in branding? (7:41)

 What caused you to decide to launch your own company were worked in-house for huge brands already? (14:09)

 What went through your head when you felt called to entrepreneurship? (19:59)

 What helped you follow through when you felt like you were floundering as a new entrepreneur? (29:16)

 How have you seen the pandemic change the level of authenticity and vulnerability in business? (37:37)

 What is the first thing a person should do to begin their branding journey? (42:15)

In This Episode You Will Learn:

●  Why there’s never been a time to be authentically yourself in business. (10:28)

 How Farryn learned to look at her decisions through a filter and set boundaries accordingly. (15:32)

 Why focusing on what you “want” versus what you “do” spends extra energy. (20:26)

 How feeling a lack of fulfillment shows up in work. (22:35)

 The biggest learning Farryn’s had as an entrepreneur. (33:47)

 Why emotional intelligence is the number one skill to bring to business. (37:48)

 How emotional success and vulnerability lead to experiencing fulfillment. (48:08)

Resources Mentioned:

Reclaiming Time Studio: Karlee’s Private Group for Women That Run Their Own Business Who Are Done With Burnout

Connect with Farryn Weiner:

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