Ep 49: Masterful Storytelling: How to Share Your Stories to Transform and Engage with Others with Dr. Maria Sirois

Oct 11, 2020


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You are a living breathing archive of hard-won wisdom and experience. On purpose or not, you've been collecting valuable lessons in your personal and professional life, and some people would be in awe to learn from you. But how do you share your story in a way that captivates and motivates those listening, and how do you know which stories to share in the first place?  


Human beings are hard-wired to engage deeply with story. Storytelling is more than entertainment; when done well, it opens the door to the best of what is possible for us next. If you are game to inspire, connect with, and motivate others in transformative ways, masterful storytelling is an essential business tool; the impacts are endless. 


In this episode, Karlee has the pleasure of welcoming back Dr. Maria Sirois to the podcast. She is a master teacher, facilitator, author, speaker, and positive psychologist focused on the resilience of the human spirit. Throughout their conversation, Maria shares the research behind why Storytelling is such an impactful mode of communication, what elements make up a Story that lands well with the audience, and some of the most common mistakes accidentally cause an audience to zone out so you can be sure your stories landed well.


If you, a human and professional woman in this world, are looking to amplify your voice and share your experiences in a way that opens the doors of possibility for you and all those you connect with, this is the episode for you. 


Some Questions Karlee Asks: 

  • Why does Story matter? (8:15)
  • What's an example of Storytelling being used particularly well in a professional capacity? (10:09)
  • Why is Storytelling such a compelling way of gathering people around an idea or concept, versus the facts and data? (16:56)
  • What's a question for someone to ask themselves to begin sharing Story? 
  • What Storytelling practices don't work? (25:28)
  • How do you practice sharing a Story? (27:52)
  • Who gets a seat on the life raft in your life? (36:36)


In This Episode You'll Learn: 

  • How Stories expand the realm of possibilities in life. (8:18)
  • What makes Story work? (12:48)
  • The 3 layers that make Storytelling the most impactful way of communication. (17:39)
  • How to know which Stories you should share. (19:40)
  • The 2 most common mistakes people make around Storytelling. (27:11)
  • About Maria's next project: What to Remember. (32:42)
  • What elements Maria consciously leaves off her life raft. (43:18)


Connect with Maria Sirois: 

Maria Sirois' Website

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Resources Mentioned In This Episode: 

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