Episode 5: Five BETTER Questions to Ask When Change Comes Calling

Dec 09, 2019

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No sooner does change come calling, than the dreaded questions arise, right?!

Those questions might sound like, "What am I going to do next?!" or "Who am I to think things could get better?"

Change, by its very nature is unsettling, but there is another way to renew your clarity, confidence and thrive even in the face of some unknowns.

In this episode, Karlee explains how to cure that overwhelm when change comes calling: asking better questions.

There are 5 specific questions that help us navigate change in a way that is whole and nourishing, rather than intimidating or draining. This is the doable way to navigate change without having to have it all figured out.

Here’s the truth: those who thrive while life shifts around them give their attention to one main thing. They softly, but consistently, fan the flames of their focused attention on asking these questions. 

Tune in to learn methods and strategies to help you thrive as you mitigate change, minimizing that feeling of overwhelm along the way. 

In This Episode You Will Learn:

●  What the antidote to feeling overwhelmed is. (6:38)

●  How asking questions affects your energy & impact. (12:05)

●  The 5 better questions to ask when change comes calling. (19:18)

● What the hardest thing is for driven women to do. (25:59)

●  What mental exercise can help uncover unconscious solutions. (27:20)

Resources Mentioned In This Episode: 

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