Ep 50: Is Doubt Messing With You? How to Cultivate a Partnership with Doubt So It Helps, Not Hinders, You

Aug 17, 2020
Is Doubt Messing With You? Karlee Fain Messy and Magnificent Podcast Episode 51

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As a high-achieving woman, you have new and great ideas all the time. Inspiration visits you, excitement builds up and you start laying out every detail in your plan of action and what barriers you’ll have to work through. Well, all except one: doubt.

Though doubt, on the surface, looks like a barrier, it’s actually the sign of a good idea. It’s a sign that you are stepping out of a smaller version of yourself and into a new opportunity.

In this short and yet power-packed episode, Karlee shares all about how to deal with doubt. Instead of keeping doubt at bay or choosing to ignore it, Karlee encourages you to cultivate a relationship with your doubt and understand why it shows up for you. Additionally, you'll learn how to discern between what is your own doubt, what thoughts or feelings you’ve absorbed from those around you, and what role cultural conditioning plays in fueling doubt.

Tune in to learn how you can begin a conversation with your sense of doubt, stop spending your energy on shoving it down, and start reclaiming your time.

In This Episode You Will Learn: 

  • How doubt shows up alongside every new good idea. (5:44)
  • How to keep self-doubt in check. (7:58)
  • 3 things that happen when you invite doubt to the table. (11:03)
  • How cultural conditioning results in doubting that it’s okay to receive help. (13:14)
  • What your doubt is here to teach you. (18:35)
  • How Karlee addressed with the doubt and impostor syndrome she experienced around starting a podcast. (19:30)
  • What questions to ask yourself when doubt shows up. (23:33)

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