Episode 62: Experiments in Spaciousness: How women know where they can afford to do WAY less without messing anything up.

Jan 11, 2021

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Well, we made it! The year (or was it a decade?) 2020 is finally behind us. After such a tumultuous collective experience, the dawn of 2021 brings with it the invitation to integrate rest into your growth strategy. 

And, in this time of strategic rest, we have a unique opportunity to think about how we can make our lives in this new 365-day cycle easier on ourselves.

On top of all of the social, political, and health upheavals of the past year, we’ve still had to manage our own lives. That’s no easy feat when you’re accustomed to having a constantly packed calendar. So, rather than making this a year to do more, what if we focused on ways that we could do less?

You’ve just discovered the not-so-secret formula for joy.

If you’ve ever looked at someone you admire and wondered how they seem to be able to do it all, I have some news for you. Nobody has it all figured out. But, those people who seem like they have a relatively stable, healthy grip on life do share one thing in common. They leave enough space for joy.

They know that life isn’t about work-life balance. It's about work-life connection. 

In today’s episode, Karlee talks about the Pareto Principle, sometimes referred to as the “80/20 Rule”. She’ll guide you through a quick assessment so you can instantly uncover whether or not you're using your time effectively, and she’ll give you the tools you need in order to drop what’s not working in your life and focus your attention on what is working. 

 In a world that expects us to keep on adding more and more to our plate, women know that breaking that outdated “stay busy” convention is the key to allowing space for joy. 

If you’re ready to invite a little experimentation into your life so you can clear away the clutter, re-claim your time, and invite more joy into your life, this episode is for you!  

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • The one personality trait among women who have it “figured out” (2:19)
  • Introducing a little experimentation into your career (3:11)
  • How embracing the 80/20 rule can help you navigate through personal trauma (9:02)
  • The origins of the Pareto Principle (13:27)
  • Signs that you might be doing unnecessary work (18:29)
  • Emotional indicators of a 20% lifestyle (20:11)
  • How to start eliminating the busy work in your life (22:39)
  • Personal revelations from Karlee’s business metrics assessment (25:30) 

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