Episode 72: Permission to Pause More Than Most People: How to not waste the crisis you just lived through

Mar 22, 2021

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What would happen to the world around you if you just stepped away for an hour? 

You switch off your phone, close your laptop, head out the door, and you just start walking. You can feel the breeze against your skin, smell the sweetness of spring blooms, and hear birds chirping from distant treetops. 

The possibility of just shutting it all down for one hour to take that walk... does it feel complicated? As much as you love the idea, as much as your body wants that movement and your soul needs that dose of nature, do you do it? 

As we continue to explore professional nourishment this month, giving yourself permission to pause is an important first step. 

In this episode, Karlee helps you explore what nourishment looks like for you. She’ll present four powerful questions that you can hold for yourself right now in order to hone in on what really matters in your life. Their answers will reveal what brings you the nourishment you need to support your best self, and your best work. 

Sometimes the simplest questions can lead to big awareness. Giving yourself the space you need and allowing for flexibility and softness in your days is where we find answers. It gives us room to acknowledge what has transpired over the last year and the time to decide what we're welcoming in.

We all need room to just be. Without judgement. 

If you’re ready to create space for the unscripted and find nourishment in your answers, then this episode is for you. 

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Reaching for the connections you need when you need them (9:58)
  • How you can be a part of culmination week (11:30)
  • Limiting your accessibility and finding space to breathe (13:37)
  • Staying flexible in a year of constant fluctuation (17:49)
  • A simple switch to plan for financial prosperity (19:24)
  • Four questions to leave space for right now (20:46)

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