Episode 77: Dump Motivation, It’s A Bad Boyfriend: The Mindsets that take women who are beginning something new from fickleness to follow through

May 03, 2021

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Let’s pretend for a moment…

You’ve just decided you want to start your first garden this year. If your thumb doesn’t aspire to be quite so green, then maybe starting a side hustle has been on your mind. Learning a new language. Letting a little romance into your life. Spearheading a new project at work. Starting a revolution. 

Whatever it is, it excites you! Your creative juices are flowing like Class V rapids. You feel the wheels turning, you want to leap forward and unleash this feel-good energy into the world! 

There’s only one problem. Ok, maybe a small mountain of problems. 

“Where’s the time?!?!” 

High achieving women know this predicament well. We know that beginnings are constant because our dreams are an always-on. We never stop doing

But if we aren’t working from a plan that gets us over the starting line, we risk never following through. We could end up with a pile of “what-if’s” and false starts wondering… “whatever happened to that?”

We’ve dedicated this month to new beginnings. Switching our mindsets from fickle motivation to unwavering devotion. Shifting our understanding of urgency and recalibrating our priorities. Unloading the not-so-urgent and adding more of what brings us joy

In this episode, Karlee highlights the richest lessons around beginnings from this month for you to carry with you over the starting line when your next idea comes calling. She reflects on the familiar signs we’ve all experienced when something new wants to be brought to life, and the build-up of burdens that prevent us from taking action. Today, you’ll learn how to make time for what’s important, even when your plate is full, and how you can pivot successfully when a curveball gets thrown your way.

If you’re ready to launch something new into the world (like, actually do it!), then this episode is for you! 

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • The constancy of beginnings (3:19)
  • How the little things distort our understanding of urgency (9:33)
  • Living into your values (12:14)
  • When you know you can’t outrun change any longer (17:35)
  • Figuring out how to make more time for what you value (25:39)
  • Karlee’s “shampoo cycle” model (32:24)
  • How a string of unfinished projects affects our confidence (35:53)

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