Episode 78: What Ceiling? The 3 Under-taught Skills That Get Women Past Professional and Financial Barriers

May 03, 2021

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You’re doing everything you’ve been told to do in order to build a successful career. But, despite years of intense focus and sweat equity, it still feels like more of a struggle for you than it does for some of your counterparts. 

What gives?!?!?  

Society encourages our addiction to productivity. But, if you can reach back and remember the last time you paused, and how that pause seemed to break open the clouds and let a little more light in,  then you know that pause is productive

When we give ourselves a moment to let our reality catch up with our ambitions, that’s where we start to see the gaps with some much needed clarity. 

So, here’s the question…

Have you been given access to the full spectrum of resources you need to be successful? 

If you’re a woman, the answer is probably not

In this episode, Karlee dials in on the missing 33% of career advice that women aren’t getting as we’re coming up through the ranks. Gender-based information gaps continue to prevail as we build the foundations of our careers. Today, you’ll finally hear the advice you might not have gotten when it comes to career planning, long-term strategy, and financial stability. Plus, Karlee provides a few simple, doable action items to help you fill in those gaps. 

If you’re struggling to find focus or sustain growth in your career, it’s entirely plausible that YOU aren’t the problem. The lack of information you’ve been privy to could be what’s been holding you back. 

In order to live into the life you want, it’s only sustainable if you’re thriving in the process.

If you ever find yourself in the position of having a lot on your plate and wondering how you're going to sustain the things you've started, or the things that are doing well, then this  episode is for you.

What You’ll Learn in this Episode:

  • Why taking time-out is productive (1:08)
  • The key advice women have been missing out on (10:57)
  • What fully resourced women know (12:36)
  • 3 questions to ask yourself about your career (14:11)
  • Easy, actionable ways to access the resources you need (16:31)
  • Establishing and calling on your network connections (17:34)

People Mentioned in this Episode:

Suzi Banks Baum

Susan Colontuono

Sheila Halvorson

Ron Burt

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Episode 74: Inviting Newness In: How We Clear Space for What’s Important

Episode 75: Devotion to the Dream: What to stop so you can really start with with Charlyn Reihman

Episode 76: Just Thrown A Curveball?! The specifics of how my company builds something new and revamps after our plans are foiled.

Book: The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan 

Book: No Ceiling, No Walls: What women haven't been told about leadership from career-start to the corporate boardroom (ASK Leading Women™ Book 1) by Susan L. Colantuono

Episode 13: Making Money Moves: Upgrading Your Finances & Personal Power

Article: Halvorson, Sheila. “13 Factors To Ensure Sustainable Business Growth.” Forbes Magazine, 8, June 2020

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