Episode 85: Had Enough of Self-Sacrifice? How women are modernizing the myths of success through sisterhood and solidarity with Jennifer Madriz

Jun 21, 2021

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If you want it, you’ve gotta work for it. Whatever it takes. No matter the hours, no matter the sacrifice, just keep going. Keep pushing. Sleep is for the weak. More coffee. More determination. 

Yea. We’ve heard it all before. 

The myth that connects self-sacrifice to professional success. 

We’re just not buying it anymore.

The idea that the more we give of ourselves, the more successful we’ll become. It just doesn’t add up. 

That’s not a career mantra. That’s an equation for exhaustion. 

When we live that myth and our bodies inevitably begin to break down, we need  truth and solidarity to help us detach. 

We need allies to help us find our center again. 

In this week’s episode, Karlee catches up with her longtime friend and tour-life confidant, Jennifer Madriz. Life on the road had its magnificent parts, but when things got messy, their circle of solidarity kept them both grounded, connected, and sane. After so much self-sacrifice, Jennifer decided to stop ignoring and start paying attention to the cues her body was giving her. 

You’ll hear how she shifted from always pushing and pleasing to actually, thoughtfully, pausing and listening. Getting quiet allowed her to tap into what was really important. And it just so happened to be a welcome catalyst for a career change that today, brings her more joy, purpose, and satisfaction. 

When we listen to our bodies, we’re able to leverage that information as a professional resource instead of something to push through. 

So, how about we ditch that old myth and live by a new, more self-pleasing professional mantra? 

Get quiet. Be still. Listen. Learn. Nourish yourself. Cultivate more of what brings you joy. 

If you’re ready to find more actual joy and lean on the sacred solidarity in your life, then this episode is for you!

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Are you hiding behind an emotional anomie? (3:45)
  • How the rules of our youth follow us into adulthood (13:35)
  • The equation for exhaustion (19:30)
  • Listening to your body talk (26:19)
  • How getting quiet helps you align the physical and the emotional (36:49)
  • Where trauma shows up in our work (40:57)
  • Maybe it’s not you... it’s the world around you (46:37)
  • Why you’re already enough (54:50)

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People Mentioned in this Episode:

Vivian Gornick

Natalia Ginzberg

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

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Episode 84: Feeling a Lack of Zest for Your Work? What’s sabotaging your professional mojo and what you can do about it

Article: Gornick, Vivian. “Why Some of Us Thrive in a Crisis.” The Atlantic, Atlantic Media Company, 11 May 2020, www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2020/06/the-fellowship-of-suffering/610492/. 

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