Episode 92: Feeling Worn-Out? How to experience more soul-satisfying nourishment with Anitza Martins

Aug 09, 2021

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It’s Friday night, and you just walked in the door. You kick off those uncomfortable shoes, change into your PJ’s, and you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror. Staring back at you is a worn-out woman. She’s got bags under her eyes, her energy seems depleted...and has that pensive line on her forehead always been there? 

“Enough”, you say to yourself. Time for some self-care. 

You open up the bathroom cabinet and sift through your stash of sheet masks. You grab a cucumber from the fridge and place two cool slices over your eyes. You cue up some meditative nature sounds on Spotify and stretch your tired body out across the couch. 

Those juicy masks and self-care moments are a-ok, but the truth is that real nourishment, the kind that fills you up internally, the nourishment that your reflection in the mirror is really asking for...well, that doesn’t come from home spa treatments.   

Your body is telling you that it requires more resources

This has been a wild year for everyone. We’ve been really busy trying to rewire our habits and problem solve under pandemic conditions. But, have we given ourselves the time we need to allow our thoughts, emotions, and mental game to catch up to our physical bodies? 

Probably not. Or maybe just not enough.

It’s time for you to fill up the tank of your internal resources and reconnect with your professional groove. 

It’s nourishment season. 

Where do we find nourishment, if it’s not in those home spa treatments? True human nourishment exists in the everyday things. Those small (but big!) things that we do to make ourselves just a little bit healthier and happier. 

Today, Karlee is joined again by Anitza Martins to revisit what it means to seek nourishment, and how to know when you need it. You’ll discover the four pillars of being a fully resourced career woman, and how you can reconnect with your natural rhythms and cycles to find that lasting, authentic, soul-satisfying nourishment that you’ve been craving. 

If you’re ready to reconnect with a more natural rhythm and nourish your being from the inside out, then this episode is for you. 

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How our career needs change through different life stages (1:57)
  • Why aiming for doing 3% better is enough (4:15)
  • 3 reasons why now is the time to refuel professionally (7:48)
  • A deeper definition of nourishment (12:03)
  • The Four Pillars of a more fully resourced career woman (20:43)
  • Why tending to beauty is essential (31:52)

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