Episode 104: The Antidote to Overwhelm - How To Stay Steady Within Yourself In Moments of Uncertainty (Ep 20 ReRelease)

Nov 01, 2021

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When change happens, it can be an unsettling time. The world around us has changed as a result of COVID-19. By now, we’re all used to taking precautions every time we leave the house. We pack masks and hand-sanitizer and what we need to stay safe. 

But there’s also this reckoning that’s seeping in.  We’ve gone from “How long is this gonna last?” to “Ok, guess this is life now.” 

And the realization that these changes are now an all-the-time thing, well, that can leave us feeling a little (or a lot) overwhelmed. 

Now that we know there’s no going back, we’ve got to learn to adapt. We have to find our balance again. 

So, how do we learn to support and steady ourselves in this new version of the world?

We go deeper. We find focus. And, we look for ways to simplify. 

Today, Karlee kicks off a month of episodes revisiting the topic of overwhelm, offering valuable moments of reflection as you look back to when the world changed for us all. First, she shares the antidote to the feelings of overwhelm that you might be experiencing right now. She explains how establishing rituals and routines can keep you feeling grounded, even when everything else seems uncertain. Then, she shares a self-sourced guided visualization to reconnect you with your voice, your truth, and your life. 

If you’re ready to incorporate the rituals and routines that will keep you grounded - even when life gets shaken up - so that you can regain your balance amidst uncertainty, then this episode is for you. 

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • How focus functions as the antidote to fear (13:49) 
  • Why we feel off-balance amidst rapid change (18:31)
  • How to find rituals that ground you and create stability in your life (19:15)
  • How you can be in charge of many parts of the way your day unfolds (23:59)
  • A self-sourced truth visualization tool (26:50)

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