Episode 114: Putting the Self in Success: How to shape your goals around what gives you joy and meaning

Jan 10, 2022

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How do you define success? Is it about pleasing your boss, your staff, or your clients?  Is it about the numbers reflected in your bank account? Does success mean being available, even though it often wears you out?

Now, how many of those reference points for success are really about you, and how many are about other people’s perceptions of you?

Real, meaningful success depends on your reference point. Our goals have to be shaped around what we value in and for ourselves, rather than what others value in and about us. 

If you’re calibrating your goals based on the preferences, priorities, and needs of others over what you know to be true for you, then YOU aren’t the reference point. 

And that’s gotta change. 

In this episode, Karlee talks about the difference between self-referencing a goal versus other-referencing a goal. She shares real-life examples of meaningful self-reference success points and walks you through a straightforward process that will help you identify a personal formula for success that’s based on what you value. 

If you’re ready to lead with clarity, confidence, and a better understanding of exactly what your next steps are, then this episode is for you. 

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • What gets obscured in the fog of success (9:39)
  • The difference between goals that are self-referenced and other referenced (12:57)
  • An example of to-the-point self referencing (15:10)
  • The 3 W’s that’ll help you identify what gives you life (18:37)
  • How to incorporate more of what you value into your life (25:29)

People Mentioned in this Episode:

Jen Delos Reyes 

Nancy Levin

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Episode 113: Building a Stronger Basket: How to plug up the leaks of what’s draining you and preserve more energy for the things you value.

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