Season 11 - Ep 132: Hunting the Good: Seeking + savoring what is good during change w/ Maria Sirois + our M+M community

kripalu maria sirois navigating change May 30, 2022

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If life has felt less like a cruise and more like a battleship lately, then rest assured that we are indeed all experiencing the same reality. 

And we are in a time where we need a lifeboat. 

On top of the general tumult, you’re also riding the waves of your personal circumstance. We’re navigating loss, employment, health, parenting, friendships, partnerships, and finances.  

Minute by minute, we’re bravely navigating change.

In this episode, Karlee shares the mic with Dr. Maria Sirois, pre-eminent positive psychologist, author and masterful storyteller. Maria, a bonafide captain on the ship of change, opens a conversation that will inspire you to pause- in the midst of it all- just long enough to get wise. 

You’ll hear about the science behind neuroplasticity, the neuro chemistry that affects our behavior and ultimately shapes our capacity for resilience. When it comes to getting through the tougher moments that life brings to your door, you’ll find out how to stay grounded and tap into optimism. You’ll also learn how to build a twofold type of inner hope that helps you through the hard times while always reminding you that the wisdom gained is bringing you to a slightly better “next” moment. 

Looking for the positive is the lifeboat that’s going to keep us alive long enough to land in that next better place.

If you’re ready to honor the balance and navigate change with better resilience and more bravery, then this is the episode for you.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • Inspiration to find positivity in the toughest of circumstances (12:27)
  • The lesser known history of how positive psychology and resilience came together (16:58)
  • A more realistic definition of “hope” (20:35)
  • What pain does for us (32:09)
  • Why honoring the balance of life helps us lean into the positive (44:04)

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