Season 11 - Ep 131 The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Why We Need More Human Leadership with Emily Pritchard

May 23, 2022

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Today’s workplace is in a state of evolution. It’s being infused with the thinking of a new generation, and a post-covid one, to boot. 

That means change is happening around us in real-time. And we have to think and do differently

The burden of all that shifting is a lot for any leader, and it can lead to burnout. 

But burnout….it serves a purpose. It’s an invitation to reinvent. 

What if we ditched the hierarchical workplace structure in favor of something more collaborative? What if instead of the “boss” and “employee” dynamic, everyone was seen as a co-creator? 

What if we treated one another like thinking, feeling humans, all navigating a changing world together? 

In this episode, Karlee sits down for a chat with industry innovator, creative visionary, and legacy builder, Emily Pritchard. Over the past decade, she’s disrupted preconceived notions of the social media industry and transformed it into a viable way to drive business. And perhaps most importantly, she’s inspiring a new way of embracing our shared humanity in today’s workforce.

You’ll hear her unique perspective on how allowing for a greater element of humanity in the workplace opens the doors to better relationships and more collaborative productivity. She shares how this shift in the traditional paradigm actually helps us become better at communicating what we need and more effective when exchanging feedback. You’ll learn how inspiring action as a leader rather than forcing it helps shape a new generation of entrepreneurial leaders.

If you’re ready to discover a more sustainable, more human path to navigating your business and your life, then this episode is for you. 

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • The difference between being a boss, a coach, and an advocate when it comes to leadership (5:53)
  • Why sharing as a leader is an important vulnerability (15:25)
  • What an entrepreneurial ecosystem looks like in practice (23:45)
  • How to create sustainability before hitting the burnout stage (29:54)
  • Why stepping away is important for evolution (46:30)

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

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