Episode 34: Recovering From Perfectionism: How Women Make Progress Without Sacrificing Their Joy

Jun 29, 2020

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To all my perfectionist sisters out there: can we just pause for a moment, and acknowledge that you're living amidst a global pandemic, massive civil unrest, and there's a good chance your job and home life have changed significantly too. All this is happening at once, and yet you feel the need to get everything done, done right, and done right now, right?!

So here’s a question for you: what’s the rush when it comes to the little stuff?

You’ve had to navigate all this new territory without anyone handing over a roadmap, guiding you on how to make progress. As a recovering perfectionist, this poses unique challenges and barriers to prioritizing your values, feeling calm and clear, and even letting go of the things that don’t require your attention. And brings up another question: Where can you afford to relax a bit without things falling apart?

In this episode, Karlee shows you how to locate that roadmap in your life to guide you away from needing things to be perfect and back to a state of clarity and ease. Karlee defines the “perfectionist” lifestyle and what it’s really all about (spoiler alert: it’s not about doing a good job), and what signs along the road indicate that you might be heading back into perfectionism. Karlee also talks specifically about where you can upgrade your life to understanding what needs your attention, and what you can afford to let go of.

Tune in to learn how to elevate from a state of perfectionist fear into what gives you nourished fulfillment, both on the job and off.

In This Episode You'll Learn:

●  What is perfectionism, and why is it NOT about doing a good job? (6:09)

● The 2 major lessons I’ve learned as a recovering perfectionist. (10:57)

● What symptoms indicate that perfectionism (12:06)

● Why cultivating both progress and presence leads to a thriving life. (18:20)

● 4 steps to upgrade from perfectionist fear to freedom. (24:00)

● How to leverage your body’s information to combat the sensations of perfectionism. (29:28)

People Mentioned In This Episode:

Dr. Maria Sirois

Resources Mentioned In This Episode: 

Navigating a Graceful Transition: Your New Best Life with Karlee Fain and Maria Sirois (Free Online Workshop)

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