Episode 118: Got Ideas? How to protect your plans and prevent overwhelm

Feb 07, 2022

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If at any point in your career you’ve bought into hustle culture, then it’s easy to draw the line as to how you got here

You probably sought out this podcast and this community because you recognize that in here, we do things differently. 

You realize that hustling is exhausting. 

And frankly, hustling your way to success isn’t even necessary.

You’re here because you heard that we’ve got the antidote to overwhelm.  

In this episode, Karlee delivers this precious antidote by first dispelling the myths of vertical success. She explains the origins of antiquated, testosterone ways of thinking and why it just doesn’t work in today’s world. She shares an example of idea emergence, and why its creator felt the need to protect it in order to see it to fruition. 

Today you’ll hear what it sounds like when imposter syndrome kicks in and how you can gently, humbly stop it in its tracks while you create the space you need to breathe. Karlee also shares the outline of her culmination practice, explaining why taking that time to recap, refresh, and renew makes all the difference. 

If you’re ready to end overwhelm for good and lean into your own culmination practice, then this is the episode for you. 

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • The myths around vertical success (3:17)
  • How to protect emerging ideas from being squashed by questions and imposter syndrome (4:16)
  • The questions we encounter when imposter syndrome starts to creep in (5:48)
  • What a culmination practice practically looks like (6:13)

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Episode 3: Done Burning Out? The 4 phases of growth and sustaining success

Credit: Karlee learned the names of the 4 seasons she mentions from Kate Northrup


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