Episode 70: Thinking About Change? How We Find Focus and Make Elevated Choices

Mar 08, 2021

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One afternoon, your boss comes into your office and tells you you’re up for a big promotion. It would require a move, but it’s better money, and it’s an opportunity to move to a new city. The thought excites you and those butterflies start to flutter. Your hands get a little shaky as you try to process the infinite possibilities. 


After 60 seconds of raw emotion, your mind suddenly starts pummeling you with questions. Your mood starts to shift from excitement to doubt. 

Why are they considering me? What if I don’t deserve the job? How would I even manage a move like this? What if it’s a mistake? 

Transitions force us to enter what Kate Northrup calls the fertile void. You’re ripe for change, but you’ve been programmed to drag your heels at the very thought of detaching from your comfort zone. 

What if instead of getting pulled down by fear, you decided to lean into a different set of questions? 

When it comes to professional success, it is not survival of the fittest. It’s survival of the focused. Focus requires nourishment.

Today, Karlee poses the five better questions to ask yourself when change comes a knockin’. Rather than getting consumed and overwhelmed by the how’s and why’s, she reveals how going deeper into your personal how’s and what’s will actually bring you closer to the answers that ring true for you. 

Focused decisions that come from a place of deep personal insight are the lights that’ll help guide you through transformation. Whether it’s a voluntary change or one that you didn’t have control over, you can count on the answers you find when they’re accessed from a place of nourishment. 

If you’re ready to ditch the nourishment deficit and live the better questions, then this episode is for you! 

What You’ll Learn in This Episode:

  • The starting point for real transformation (4:30)
  • The science behind effective change (6:01)
  • Choosing truth over fear (13:05)
  • Five better questions to help you manage change (19:17)
  • The wisdom of asking for help (24:50)

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